July 2019

Mews was born seven years ago out of a hotelier’s frustration with the lack of innovation available on the market to shape the guest experiences he had dreamed up for his hotel concept. Not willing to compromise with legacy solutions, Richard (our founder) decided to do it the hard way and build it himself. He enlisted the help of a couple of developers, designers, and myself to build a next-generation platform for the hospitality industry.

Our journey was incredibly difficult, and the constant lack of funding in the early years required us to be extremely creative and agile in our solutions , ensuring that whatever we built was better than anything we had seen on the market to date. We listened to the common complaints within the industry about the lack of service offered by competitors, expensive integrations, outdated user interfaces and complex migrations, and decided to consistently perform better in all areas, creating an overall superior experience.

We also decided to ignore much of the well-intended advice from outsiders and potential investors, who told us to narrow down our focus and build simpler solutions that could be scaled super fast. We believed the real problem of our industry was the abundance of legacy PMS platforms, which had not changed significantly in 20 years. So we kept our head down, continued working, and walked away from all potential investment until we found the right partners who understood the bigger picture.

Fast forward to today: we’re in 1000 hotels across 45 countries and employ 250 people across our seven offices. Our increasingly international presence reflects our ongoing effort to get closer to our customers. We’ve doubled down on our own service levels and grown our support team from a standard 9-to-5 operation to an expert team of 25 people offering 24/7, multilingual support. This allows us to deliver a median response time of under five minutes, and our customer satisfaction rates are frequently above 95%: truly incredible results.

When we talk to our teams today, we constantly reiterate our vision of “enabling great service.” We’re not here to just build cool tech. The underlying purpose of everything we do is to drive great customer experiences, both for hotel guests and our own customers (i.e. hoteliers and hospitality operators).

In our quest for innovation, we’ve been known to use unorthodox methods. At Mews we believe that conflicting views drive better decisions and product development, so we actively nurture debate. We also love receiving feedback from our customers, but we’re not afraid to push back when asked to build “old-fashioned” features instead of modern, innovative solutions aimed at solving the root cause of most manual work.

We know that we’re not perfect, and our ambitions are bigger than the speed at which we can build our solutions, but I believe that with the right amount of grit and agility, we will go on delivering innovative solutions for the future.

Thank you for your continued support!

Matthijs Welle