How Better Data Can Make a Better Hotel [Mewscast]

In episode 2 of Mewscast, Mews Systems’ founder Richard Valtr, alongside guests Benjamin Devisme from Quicktext and Jens Munch from Prix, come together to discuss the change from static to real time hotel operations within today’s responsive environment.

Richard, Benjamin and Jens eloquently decipher the current journey of artificial intelligence and how it has directed modern hotels towards a more automated and real time process. Their insights bring interest to the extent at which artificial intelligence has shaped market segmentation and how it can and should be further adapted to fully understand the consumer.

Companies using artificial intelligence need to understand what each customer needs in able to present information at the right time, with a trigger to buy.


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Richard Valtr grew up in family of Hotel Investors and Management. He founded Mews Systems upon discovering there was no suitable PMS product on the market when working as a project manager building a new hotel in the centre of Prague.


Jens Munch CEO of Prix has an accredited background formerly working at senior levels for the likes of Google and iZettle. Prix operates a revenue management tool which analyses booking data to forecast occupancy and calculate the optimal prices for your property.


Benjamin Devisme, Vice President of Quicktext, previously cofounded FairQuid and worked at senior level for Pricematch. Quicktext is an integrated platform allowing you to pull guest data based on various criteria to communicate to guest segments via SMS, instant message and chat.