Removing the Reception Desk, the Demands of the Millennial Traveller [Mewscast]

Matthijs Welle, CEO of Mews Systems, Richard Valtr, a former hotelier and the founder of Mews Systems, and Greg Naidoo, Commerical Director at Mews Systems and former consultant with 15 years experience in hospitality, have come together to discuss the biggest challenges hospitality providers are facing today.

Can you remove the reception desk from a hotel? Matthijs, Richard and Greg discuss the many challenges of innovating traditional processes from within a hotel. “There’s always been this need in hotels, to be be behind this desk, and it’s never changed” explains Greg. But as Matthijs explains, Richard did this successfully in his first hotel project at The Emblem hotel. He actually said, “I’m going to remove that reception desk and we’ll see what happens.” Listen to the podcast below to find out what happens when you remove the reception desk, how you can automate your billings process and why guests actually prefer online check-in.


Mewscast: Episode One



Greg Naidoo is a hotelier with over 10 years experience from Fairmont Hotels, Walt Disney Resorts, Handpicked Hotels, Nadler Hotels, and Generator Hostels. At Mews, Greg looks after Revenue, Sales, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships and Hotel Expansion.

Matthijs Welle is the CEO of Mews Systems and has 15 years hospitality experience. Matthijs graduated from Hilton’s world renowned ‘Elevator Program’ and was previously the Director of Sales for Eastern Europe and Russia with Hilton.

Richard Valtr grew up in family of Hotel Investors and Management. He founded Mews Systems upon discovering there was no suitable PMS product on the market when working as a project manager building a new hotel in the centre of Prague.