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How Fintech is Disrupting Hospitality

FinTech is disrupting industries across the world and hospitality is no exception. Stay ahead with online payments or suffer the consequences…

The Hidden Cost of Virtual Cards

Your card transaction fees are about to go up from September - probably without you knowing - and here’s why the OTAs are to blame...

Mews 2018 Summit Expert Panel: The Future of Payments

Mews invited two experts to discuss the state of play within the payment space, and whether technology is keeping pace with hospitality...

The Future of Payments with Hotel2Stay

How Hotel2Stay is using the Mews Merchant to save time, manpower, cut down chargebacks and fraud and revolutionise the guest experience…

Security First with Online Payments

Taking online payments is more secure from hackers and slashes the risk of chargebacks and card fraud. So why are hoteliers still not switching it on?

Who's Afraid of Payment Automation?

Processing payments manually is the single biggest drain on time and manpower for any hospitality operation so we decided to do a webinar about it...

Why Moving from Offline to Online Payment Will Future-Proof your Hotel

With the rapid rise in cybercrime and the increasing focus on improving guest experiences, switching from a manual offline payment processor to an automated online solution is more important than ever