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HITEC 2019 Recap | Not so high tech after all... [Mewscast]

We recap what went to down at HITEC 2019. The event is billed as America’s premiere hospitality tech event but it was disappointingly low on the tech.

The Future of Payments in Hospitality [Mewscast]

What’s the impact of fintech on payments in the hospitality industry? We invited a select handful of experts to tell us what’s going on...

Insights from ITB 2018 [Mewscast]

We sat down with two hotel tech insiders to discuss the key takeaways from the annual event...

Will The OTAs Drink Your Milkshake? [Mewscast]

The OTAs are pouring money into startups but who have been the winners and what will future acquisitions look like?

Transparency: The Final Frontier in PMS Sales [Mewscast]

Transparency: The Final Frontier in PMS Sales [Mewscast]

How Better Data Can Make a Better Hotel [Mewscast]

In the second edition of Mewscast, Mews Systems' founder Richard Valtr, invites guests Benjamin Devisme from Quicktext and Jens Munchfrom Prix to discuss the change from static to real time hotel oper

Removing the Reception Desk, the Demands of the Millennial Traveller [Mewscast]

Can you remove the reception desk from a hotel? In the first Mews Systems Podcast, Matthijs, Richard and Greg discuss the many challenges of innovating traditional processes from within a hotel.