Howazit’s holistic, customer centric and mobile-first approach has given birth to a smart and simple end-to-end customer communication platform. The suite of products is available to use as a whole or as independent modules that allow you to communicate with customers to enhance not just customer satisfaction but loyalty, engagement and sales.

Chat-Like Feedback Collection encourages customers to review your business from anywhere, leading to better and higher ratings in app stores and on review sites. You can also provide your customers with a personalized, branded mobile web app with all of the information they need. Your customers get WiFi passwords, the best restaurants around, event information, product manuals and more—all without downloading a thing.

Encourage customers to initiate a conversation with you, the way they are used to – simple live chat with no download required. Let guests use pictures, videos and emojis to communicate in order to make sure that what is important to them is communicated to you.


  • Search for all reservations updated since last time requested
  • Get all reservation and customer data and upload to Howazit
  • Depending on reservation status, Howazit is activated for relevant business cases
  • Engage customers based on defined rules


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