Operandi Business Intelligence

Organize and present your data and a variety of information with multi-dimensional and diversified filtering options, providing instant, flexible user-friendly access to useful reports, dashboards, and tables. Operandi offers automated, real-time data visualization for all aspects of your revenue and operational financial performance. You can tailor make dashboard and reports instantly, using data from various internal and external sources. Operandi is a unique tool that offers the opportunity to view and analyze diverse information and simplify complex data combinations.


  • Dashboards ranging from a "Drone" overview to detailed KPIs on occupancy, ADR, market segmentation, nationality mix, and competitor pricing for actual, previous and futures periods
  • Cancellations analysis that predicts cancellations to help implement strategy and tactics
  • Monitor pace and pick up figures in near real-time and improve forecasting
  • Rate shopper with competitor and market pricing helps to manage and analyze revenue


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