Wishbox is a guest experience platform that helps hosts save time, enhance the guest experience and generate more revenue. By using Wishbox's smart solutions, hosts can engage with their guests - with the direct bookings, as well as the OTA channels, from the moment the booking is confirmed. Wishbox’s online check-in Wizard allows hosts to get the guest’s arrival and direct contact details ahead of time. Hosts can collect passport scans, signatures and more, allowing a smooth front desk check-in experience upon arrival. Using Wishbox, properties are also able to communicate with guests using perfectly timed guest messaging. In addition, hosts can offer guests access to their very own guest-app, its a web-app so no downloading is required. The guest-app includes a dedicated personal area that holds all the important information about the guests’ stay, the property, and additional services, all in the guests’ native language. Properties can also generate more revenue from every guest by offering additional services and activities through Wishbox. They can also accept online credit card payment and auto split payments with external suppliers. This puts hosts in control of the guest experience in a way that benefits both the hosts and the guests


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