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What are the roles and responsibilities of a General Manager in hotels?


18 Nov 2022

A hotel General Manager is the figure who is responsible for executing the strategic goals of a hotel and ensuring that everyone is performing in...

Hotel industry trends to watch out for in 2023


16 Nov 2022

As a modern hotelier, you need to stay on track of the latest hotel trends. They will help serve as a North Star to direct your efforts and...

How does self-service technology impact hotel guest experience?


15 Nov 2022

In a digitally-driven world, having a technology-forward hotel is essential to manage and exceed guest expectations. Self-service technology is a...

The typical organizational structure of a hotel


14 Nov 2022

The organizational structure of a hotel is an important part of making sure your property runs smoothly. No matter the size, the hotel structure...

Mews is a Major Player: what the IDC MarketScape PMS Vendor Assessment means


9 Nov 2022

This week, IDC released their IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Hospitality Property Management Systems 2022 Vendor Assessment (doc #US48098122, November...

What is POS reporting and how it can improve your hotel’s growth


4 Nov 2022

POS reporting can boost your hotel’s growth by giving important insights as to your top performing departments, employees and times of day for making...

What are the differences between cloud and legacy POS systems?


21 Oct 2022

Legacy POS systems are traditional POS (point of sale) systems that must be physically located on the premises of your hotel because information is...

What is the difference between a POS system and a cash register?


13 Oct 2022

You may be wondering, what is a POS cash register? Is a POS system actually the same as a cash register? There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re...

The benefits of digital ordering in hotel restaurants


26 Sep 2022

Digital ordering, once considered the wave of the future, is now firmly here to stay. This is good news because it’s a win-win for all parties...

What is an EPOS system and why should you use one in your hotel?


23 Sep 2022

You may be wondering: what is an EPOS system and how it can benefit my hotel? You’ve come to the right place. Essentially, an EPOS combines hardware...

Perfecting financial statements: how to prepare for outside investment


22 Sep 2022

Many startups and growing companies are dreaming about an IPO or getting the big investor on board to grow the company to unicorn status and beyond....

What are point of sale transactions in the hospitality industry?


16 Sep 2022

You may be wondering: what is a POS transaction and how does it work in the hospitality industry? POS stands for point of sale and it’s used to...

Why use a point-of-sale system (POS) for inventory management?


15 Sep 2022

POS inventory management is the process of using a point of sale system to successfully manage supply. In the case of hotels, you can use the POS to...

What is glamping and what are its differences to camping?


13 Sep 2022

You may be wondering what is glamping and how does it differ from camping? Glamping is essentially glamorous camping, which means it combines the...

11 best ideas to make your hotel eco-friendly


12 Sep 2022

An eco-friendly hotel is not just about greenwashing – i.e. making your hotel sound more appealing to attract more people – it's about a real...

What is a cloud-based point of sale system and what are its benefits?


10 Sep 2022

A cloud-based POS system is a point-of-sale device that’s connected to the internet and can be used to process payments across all business types,...

What is a SWOT analysis for a hotel and how does it work?


9 Sep 2022

Have you ever heard of a SWOT analysis for hotels? SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and it's a type of analysis...

The different types of hotels and their classification


8 Sep 2022

There are many different classifications of hotels that can be put in place as a framework to better guide guests to understanding if the hotel is...

Design the menu of your restaurant with a hotel POS system


6 Sep 2022

When it comes to designing the perfect POS menu to facilitate digital ordering at your hotel’s restaurant, there are a lot of things to keep in mind....

Why should your hotels use a POS with digital tipping solutions?


3 Sep 2022

A POS with digital tipping capitalizes on the ease and flexibility of digital payments while making it easier for guests to leave tips when they are...

What is KYC and why is it important?


25 Aug 2022

I bet you’ve done your research on Mews – who we are, what we do, what we offer. You might even stalk us on social media, know our founder, our...

Learnings from the Mews Data Dive: the state of hospitality in H1 2022


24 Aug 2022

You’ve probably heard us talk about data before. We just can’t get enough of it. In fact, we love it so much that we took a whole bunch of data from...

What are the benefits of hotel automation for small properties?


23 Aug 2022

Automation in hotels is beneficial because it takes away menial tasks from your front desk staff, allowing them to be more agile, and dedicate their...

Pros and cons of independent hotels versus chains


22 Aug 2022

Independent hotel chains are not to be confused with general hotel chains. While independent hotels tend to be singular and not belong to a group,...

What is the future for POS systems in the hospitality industry?


20 Aug 2022

The future of POS systems is unpredictable, but one thing’s for sure: slowly, legacy or traditional POS solutions will go obsolete as we move from a...

What are the benefits of working for a hotel chain?


19 Aug 2022

There are many benefits of working for a hotel chain, such as the ability to grow within the company, location flexibility, tips, competitive wages...

How loyalty programs can benefit independent hotels


17 Aug 2022

Independent hotel loyalty programs can be incredibly beneficial because they drive direct bookings and help increase revenue per room, as well as...

Chargeback reserves: what are they and how to reduce them


16 Aug 2022

At Mews we use the term chargeback reserves. Elsewhere, you may have come across a different name for the same thing – a rolling reserve. What...

The main seven requirements all boutique hotels should meet


9 Aug 2022

A boutique hotel differs from a chain hotel or a larger property because it’s designed to offer a personalized service, featuring unique...

What are the main six standards for hotel chains?


8 Aug 2022

The standards for hotels change according to the type and class of hotel, and will be different depending on what your hotel is trying to achieve, as...

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