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Becheckin offers a whole system to automate the check in process and the guest stay.


Allow your guest to do an online check in throughout their own smartphone and speed up the arrival process. Also, you can do a quick check in just with a smartphone or tablet, without any other scanner. Offer them an interactive stay, with digital maps, recommendations, keyless system and domotics systems. Your guests can scan their identity documents just taking a photo and you immediately can access to their data as you do at your reception. With Becheckin your guests can also access to their room or apartment without keys and without any APP. With Becheckin services, you will improve your guest experience and your online reputation in a easy way, saving time in your day. FASTCHECKIN The registration process has never been easier. When the reservation is confirmed, the guest will receive a link to do the online check - in. Everybody can do it, just taking a photo of the identity document (ID or passport), sign and send. And you automatically can see the guest information in Mews System. Once the check in is done, the guest access into a digital map with your property positioned and recommended activities, routes and things to do. They will also have information to automatically connect with your wifi and your contact data. You also have the option to do the check in just in your smartphone or in your tablet. Forget traditional scanner and traditional reception. Accelerate the arrival process. Can you imagine doing the registration process directly in the apartment? Without any app, compatible with any smartphone, laptop or tablet Completely integrated with Mews System Completely integrated with national authorities In addition, the guest can also open your doors and control the room or apartment using their smartphone and without APP. KEYLESS DOOR LOCKING SOLUTION Discover how our online system can help you and optimise your property. We have patented system to open doors without keys, using a smartphone or keyboard, even remote opening. Don´t care anymore about arrival time and offer an extra flexibility to your guests.

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