Blendo is a data management platform meant to help business managers - the ones who make decisions based on data insights - have easy access to the data they need to become data-driven. Collect and sync data from multiple resources into any data warehouse with a 90% reduction in the time it takes from extracting raw data to gaining data-driven insights. You may now connect all data sources with as little as a few clicks, and you get analytics-ready and optimized data from multiple sources such as Mews, Salesforce, or Facebook Ads into your data warehouse. As a result, all departments, including finance, sales, marketing, and support, can access readable data and drive actionable insights. Most importantly, everyone within an organization is on the same page with a consolidated view of data. You can collect and analyze data from your bookings, customers, and timelines for your listed properties. Understand how your marketing and sales affect guest experiences. Alternatively, discover how your operations affect your business metrics when combined with data from accounting, sales or support. Mews integration is entirely self-managed. Just sign into Blendo, connect your database as a destination, then select Mews as a source, enter your credentials, and done! Blendo supports any popular database today like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake or PostgreSQL.

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