DialogShift lets hotels engage with their guests in the most convenient and effective way possible, whether that's via chat, text messaging or voice assistants. Communication preferences are moving towards messaging/chat, and with language technologies at the forefront, a new ecosystem of services and devices has emerged. Hotels can take control of guest communication and allow automated and live conversational experiences along the entire guest journey and across multiple touch points and devices. It’s more than a chatbot – it’s a holistic approach to conversational AI for travel and hospitality.

Hoteliers can make booking easy by getting in touch with prospective guests on the hotel website and boosting direct bookings through an automatic redirection of booking requests to the booking engine. DialogShift also leverages technology and AI in order to free up your staff for the personal touch where it is needed, ultimately giving guests what they want, when they want it and the way they want it.


  • Communicate with guests on multiple chat channels and enable conversations on your website, on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and via mobile web app and native apps
  • Automate repetitive requests and service processes using AI
  • Start conversations with your guests using Mews contact data
  • Redirect booking requests on your website directly to IBE
  • Automated messaging based on events (e.g. check-in and check-out) and automated feedback collection

Mews package

Can only be purchased by users on the Professional plan or the Enterprise plan.

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