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The "Night Check-In" system, implemented through an Android tablet equipped with a specialized application, revolutionizes the guest arrival experience at hotels by offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly access control solution.


This innovative device is designed to streamline the check-in process, providing guests with a hassle-free way to gain entry to the hotel outside of standard reception hours. The core functionality of the Night Check-In system lies in its ability to securely verify guest identities and reservations.

By simply entering their booking number and last name into the app, guests can quickly confirm their reservation details. This verification process leverages advanced software algorithms to ensure accuracy and security, making sure that only those with confirmed bookings can access the premises. Once the verification is complete, the device promptly issues an access card to the guest.

This card not only grants entry into the building but also allows guests to access their designated rooms, elevating the overall guest experience by eliminating wait times and the need for manual check-ins at the reception.

This feature is particularly beneficial for travelers arriving late at night or at times when the front desk might be understaffed or closed.

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