Rethinking Hotel Payments

Part three in our Future of Hospitality series, we turn our attention to automated and integrated payments. Join our expert panel for insights into the big shifts in tech travel payments in 2021, how guest behaviour is changing, and hoteliers could stand to gain.

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The speakers

Joris Beerten profile picture
Joris Beerten

Global Commercial Director, OTA Insight

Michael Bennett profile picture
Michael Bennett

CMO, Cendyn

Pavla Munzarova  profile picture
Pavla Munzarova

CFO, Mews

Matt Welle profile picture
Matt Welle

CEO, Mews

Vivian Alofs profile picture
Vivian Alofs

Director of Revenue Management, Pandox

Alex Hysbergue  profile picture
Alex Hysbergue

Principal Consultant, Inji Niji (ex-CitizenM)

Webinar highlights

Industry experts walk us through strategies that can inspire change for you and your team.  We consider the impact of hospitality’s payment evolution and what it means for guests and hoteliers.  Live Q&A with a range of hoteliers and tech companies (large and small) to answer questions on all things payments. 

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