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Mews Unfold 2022:
Empowering Your People

Unfold is an annual forum hosted and curated by Mews. It brings together the industry's most inspiring innovators, visionaries and counter-cultural thinkers.

This year’s event takes place in Paris and is themed around Empowering Your People to work more effectively and deliver remarkable guest experiences. Join a host of inspiring speakers as we explore how to make the most of your team’s potential and how to translate leading technology into more personable and memorable hospitality.

Please note that this year’s sessions will be run in French.

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Unfold-22-speaker-photosValentin Babillot

Valentin Babilliot



Joanne Dreyfus



Jean-Michel Dalmasso



Ignazio Pisano

Louvre Hotels

Unfold-22-speaker-photosGiovanni Forni

Giovanni Forni

Cedar Capital Partners


Stanislas Wargny


Unfold-22-speaker-photosThibault Catala

Thibault Catala

Faern Hotels and Resorts

Unfold-22-speaker-photosDelphine Juhel

Delphine Juhel



Aurore Poupard

Emeraude Hotels


Gregoire Benoit

Edgar Suites

Unfold-22-speaker-photosMatt Welle

Matt Welle



Alexandra Quesne



Pierre Byramjee


Unfold-22-speaker-photosGuilain Denisselle

Guilain Denisselle

Tendance Hotelliere


Charles Wells


Unfold-22-speaker-photosClement Denarie

Clément Dénarié



Dorian Minoret

Pace Revenue

Unfold-22-speaker-photosMak Abdelkafi

Mak Abdelkafi


Unfold-22-speaker-photosChristophe Bataillard

Christophe Bataillard

Optimiser Consulting


Jonathan Weizman


Unfold-22-speaker-photosLeah Anathan-1

Leah Anathan


Unfold-22-speaker-photosBertrand Azocar

Bertrand Azocar


Mathias Coudert

Mathias Coudert



Melody Grelat


8.45 - 9.30

Registration (all sessions will be in French)

Breakfast and coffee 

09.40 - 10.00

Introduction and welcome to Unfold 2022

All sessions will be in French 


  • Matt Welle, CEO, Mews
  • Leah Anathan, CMO, Mews
  • Charles Wells, VP, Strategic Programs, Mews 
  • Mak Abdelkafi, Sales Director – France, Mews

Session 01

10.00 - 10.40

Why investing in teams and tech is a winning combination

We look at the big changes in hospitality across Europe and France as our key focus.

  • How are hoteliers adapting to staffing issues and new technology?
  • What are the big shifts and what's here to stay? 


  • Moderator - Charles Wells, VP, Strategic Programs, Mews
  • Jean-Michel Dalmasso, CEO, Dalmata Hospitality  
  • Gregoire Benoit, Co Founder, Edgar Suites 
  • Stanislav Wagrny, Founder, Oversight Hotels 

Session 2

10.40 - 11.10 

Deloitte: Future of business travel

  • Is there is a business travel snap back? If not what factors are slowing business travel?  
  • Work from home and remote / hybrid work  what are the impacts that has had on travel trends?
  • How will the impeding recession impact corporate travel?


  • Joanne Dreyfus, Transport, Hospitality, and Services Industry Leader, Deloitte

11.10 - 11.35

Coffee break

Session 03

11.35 - 12.20


Rethink your staff experience to improve your guest experience

  • Optimize resource management with digitalization to reduce manual tasks and let your team focus on the guests.
  • Learn how hotels have used automation to improve their operations and both staff and guest satisfaction.
  • Rethink staffing models and make hospitality a more appealing place to work – give staff the opportunity to be a part of your bigger vision and mission statement.


  • Moderator: Mak Abdelkafi, Sales Director – France, Mews
  • Valentin Babillot VP of Digital & eCommerce, Ennismore
  • Thibault Catala, Co-Founder - Vertell Asset Management, and COO - Faern Hotels & Resorts
  • Delphine Juhel, Director,  ACT3
  • Jonathan Weizman, CEO, RoomChecking
  • Fiona Cohen, VP People Experience, Mews

Session 04

12.20  - 12.50 


The path to perfect payments

Get a quick run-down of the future of payments and point of sale in hospitality. 

  • Discover the benefits and the scope of payment automation, both short term gains and long-term transformation. 
  • Prepare for changing customer expectations with frictionless and seamless payments. 


  • Charles Wells, VP, Strategic Programs, Mews
  • Pierre Byramjee, Head of Southern Europe, Stripe 

  • Betrand Azocar, Solutions Architect, Mews  

12.50 - 14.00 




Afternoon sessions

Session 05

14.00 - 14.40 

Rethinking revenue opportunities in your hotel

Build a team that unlocks revenue from every single space at your property. 

  • Learn how hoteliers are already boosting and diversifying their revenue through new business and new customers.
  • Build on ancillary revenue, think bigger with attribute-based pricing, and consider subscriptions and memberships to add to your revenue.
  • Upsell experiences and services to your customers, use every space and service as a new revenue stream 


  • Moderator: Mak Abdelkafi, Sales Director – France, Mews
  • Ignazio Pisano - VP Revenue Management & Pricing, Louvre Hotels 
  • Aurore Poupard, Director of Revenue Management, EMERAUDE HOTELS 
  • Clément Dénarié, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Oaky
  • Melody Grelat, Associate Director of Customer Success – EMEA, Duetto 


Session 06

14.40 - 15.10 

Mews Innovation Session

We'll run through the highlights of what we delivered in 2022, plus innovations and visions for 2023 and beyond.   


  • Mathias Couterd, Product Manager, B2B Products, Mews 

15.10 - 15.40 

Coffee break

Session 07

15.40 - 16.15


CRM data and guest profiles: the new gold

  • Discover how to connect systems in real time and create single guest profiles. 
  • Empower your team with tech that makes data management simple and gives more time for the personal touch. 
  • Deliver targeted upsells and guest experiences that increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. 


  • Sebastien, Zins, Area VP Marketing Cloud France, Salesforce 

Session 08

16.15 - 17.10 


Making the most of tech partners and BI for operational and revenue improvement

  • Don’t do it alone – learn how integrations and partnerships play a vital role in the building of a tech ecosystem.
  • Use business intelligence and data to drive better revenue, distribution and staffing decisions.
  • Really get an understanding of your customer view and use tools to make their journey remarkable.


  • Moderator - Guilain Denisselle, Founder and Chief Editor, Tendance Hotelier
  • Giovanni Forni, Senior Vice President, Cedar Capital Partners
  • Christophe Bataillard, Consultant and Lecturer, Optimiser Consulting
  • Dorian Minoret, Senior Revenue Manager, Pace
  • Alexandra Quesne, SVP Account Manager EMEA & Americas - MD France, D-Edge 



Closing thoughts and thank yous



Drinks and nibbles

Maps and

Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower

18 avenue de Suffren, Entrée au 22 rue Jean Rey
75015 PARIS

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Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower
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All sessions will be in French. Good news if you’re a hotelier: tickets are free. Each hotel gets two free tickets, and you’re welcome to purchase additional tickets for €200 each. Just fill in the form to let us know who’s coming:

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Reserve ticket

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