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Introduction and welcome to Unfold 2023

  • Richard Valtr, Founder, Mews
  • Matt Welle, CEO, Mews
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Session 1:
Transformation - Design strategies for the human experience

Tom Ito launched Gensler’s Hospitality practice in the late 1990s and over the years has expanded their practice to an international scale, leading some of the industry’s most celebrated mixed-use, entertainment, master planning, and hotel projects. In his keynote, Tom will help to uncover the why, the purpose and motivation behind physical spaces. He will share examples of remarkable hospitality projects that were designed with guest interactions and brand experiences at the heart of the plan. Underpinning all of Tom’s projects are the blending of technology and spaces, advancing mixed-use models and sustainability throughout the physical footprint.

  • Tom Ito, Principal, Gensler


Session 2:
Part 1 - The new standard in hospitality

Moving forward and away from legacy systems setting standard of excellence, who are the brands that are setting the standard

  • Charlie MacGregor, CEO, The Social Hub

Session 2:
Part 2 - Empowering teams with tech and innovation

If you want to boost efficiencies and make guests happier, discover why investing in your teams and your technology is your best bet.

  • Kari Anna Fiskvik, VP technology, Nordic Choice

Session 2:
Part 3- Panel - The new standard

An open discussion on how the new standard in hospitality is improving operations, resource management and guest experience.

  • Moderator – Richard Valtr, Founder, Mews
  • Kari Anna Fiskvik, VP CTO, Nordic Choice
  • Charlie MacGregor, CEO, The Social Hub
  • Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist & Development Officer, IDeaS
  • Jordan Hollander, CEO, Hotel Tech Report


Session 3:
The power of people

How can an industry re-imagine their standard practices of hiring, inspiring and retaining talent? For Saira Hospitality, the answer lays in creating pop-up hospitality schools and training overlooked communities around the world. But what role can technology play in this process? Join this discussion with the Saira Hospitality and Mews teams and learn about a soon-to-launch partnership that offers a sustainable solution for sourcing, training and retaining talent.

  • Harsha L’Acqua, CEO, Saira Hospitality
  • Greg Früchtenicht, COO, Saira Hospitality


Session 4:
Big bets in hospitality innovation

What are you investing in and what innovations do you plan to focus on? We discuss the balance between expansion and operational success, and why strategy matters when scaling.

  • Moderator- Matt Welle, CEO, Mews
  • Stuart W. Greif, Exec VP, Chief Strategy, Innovation and Operating Officer, Forbes
  • Dimitris Manikis, President & Managing Director EMEA, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • Margitte Verkruijsse- Reiner, Director Partner Success - Enterprise Brand, Mews
  • Shane O’Flaherty, Global Director: Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, Microsoft
  • James Bishop, VP, Ecosystem & Strategic Partnerships, Siteminder


Session 5:
Hybrid hospitality and the effect of distributed living

Working and living have blurred, with obvious effects on travel. What still excites tomorrow’s guest? What makes people leave their homes? Short answer: the ability to travel and make meaningful connections.

  • Moderator - Wouter Geerts, Head of Research, Skift
  • Kevin Machefert, CEO, Machefert Group
  • Erik Tengen, Co-Founder and CEO, Oaky
  • Hans Meyer, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Zoku
  • Navneet Bali, CEO and Founder, LyvInn


Session 6:
Creating remarkable brand experiences

What are the best ways to create a cohesive, engaging brand experience? Tips on how to harness the power of your brand, including advocacy, loyalty, experiences and more.

  • Moderator - Leah Anathan, CMO, Mews
  • Simon Schwitallik, Director of Commercial Strategy and Analytics, Design Hotels
  • Naomi Heaton, CEO and Founder, The Other House
  • Pascal Petit, CEO, Thynk
  • Christina Neumann, Manager Business Development, Romantik Hotels
  • Rami Zeidan, Founder and CEO, Life House


Session 7:
Mews innovation session

Every Unfold we take a sneak peek through the Mews product lens. See what all this talk of innovation actually leads to, with a special preview of how Mews is changing and what you can expect in the coming months.

  • Jirka Helmich, CPO, Mews


Understanding data to maximise revenue and profit

Come join our workshop to get insights on how data can empower your team to drive better revenue and happier guests

  • Moderator - Aldair Borges, Product Manager, Mews
  • Vassilis Syropoulos, Founder & CEO, Juyo Analytics
  • Michael Schaffner, VP Sales, Duetto


Lunch workshop:
The new standard in operational efficiency

Get your update on all the tech tools to improve operational efficiency in your property from data to events to messaging and housekeeping.

  • Moderator - Charlie Delamare, Solutions Architect, Mews
  • Trevor MacLean, Manager Strategic Partnerships, Event Temple
  • Claudia Meglin, Global Director Systems & Training, Generator / Freehand
  • Alize Boivin, Country Lead - France , HiJiffy


The new standard in hospitality distribution

Come join our distribution workshop with experts sharing how interconnected solutions help hoteliers leverage the entire distribution value chain.

  • Niels Vanden Buverie - Chief Commercial Officer, Cubilis
  • Chris Ashton - VP Account Management , D-Edge Hospitality Solutions
  • Rainer Gruber, Account Management , Cendyn
  • Josef Lapka, VP Product Management, Mews


The new standard in hospitality revenue management

Get your revenue management update, covering efficiency, use cases and the key to optimal performance for your property.

  • Thibault Catala - Chief Operating Officer, Faern Hotels and Resorts
  • Alexander Edström - CEO, Atomize
  • Jason Pinto - COO and Co-Founder, Pace


The new standard in hospitality payments

Always wondered why payment automation was important in hotels? Join our Unfold payments workshop on why you should set and forget your payments, how to make your team happy, and how to retain more revenue

  • Jelle Kaat - Senior Product Director, Mews
  • James Dawson - Growth UK/I, Stripe
  • Mark Rademaker - Global Head Hospitality, Adyen

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