GoTickin Easylynq

GoTickin gives you a direct insight into your housekeeping department (rooms and public areas), maintenance, technical department, lost and found items, and enables you to be in direct contact with all your employees via VoIP calling. GoTickin helps you to work more efficiently, save time, and improves the connectivity and cooperation between your departments. You'll get real-time information about everything you need to know to give your guests a great experience.

Assign housekeeping employees, set cleaning tasks automatically (per day/week/month/year), charge and check minibars, let all your users make maintenance tasks on the spot, have a great overview of all the found items, get direct information from your cleaning staff about the progress and see all their productivity.


  • Take full control of cross-departmental operations and performance
  • Receive full reservation data from Mews
  • Real-time room status (occupied/vacant and dirty/clean/inspected)
  • Easily change room status in Mews
  • Charge minibar items to the reservation

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