Part III

[Webinar] How to Embrace a contact-free guest experience

Part three of our Hospitality and the Coronavirus series: hear from hotel tech solutions that can help provide a safe, contact-free guest experience.

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11 June 2020

Join the experts in hospitality

Hear from citizenM, Postillion Hotels, ALICE, Ariane, AutoCamp and OpenKey on how you can deliver new contact-free guest experiences.


Alex S Hysbergue profile picture

Alex S Hysbergue

Head of Technology, CitizenM Hotels

TJ Person profile picture

TJ Person

Chief Executive Officer, OpenKey

Alexander Shashou profile picture

Alexander Shashou

Founder and President, Alice

Michael Zetterlund profile picture

Michael Zetterlund

Chief Product Officer, Ariane

Leah Ananthan profile picture

Leah Ananthan

Chief Marketing Officer, Mews

Erik-Jan Ginjaar profile picture

Erik-Jan Ginjaar

Managing Director, Postillion Hotels

Robert Smit profile picture

Robert Smit

Regional Vice President, AutoCamp

Matt Welle profile picture

Matt Welle

Chief Executive Officer, Mews

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