HotelAppz Pro Loyalty

HotelAppz is a next-gen hospitality-specific robust and open Guest Data Hub; which is much more than just a CRM & email marketing system. HotelAppz has a deep 2-way integration with MEWS and guarantees openness to specialized third party apps so Hotels are free to create their optimal tech stack. It also offers a central cockpit to manage GDPR compliance and track marketing efficiency. HOTELAPPZ PRO LOYALTY includes a dedicated Loyalty Program that is easy to set up and totally adaptable to either an existing loyalty program or the creation of a brand new one. The same powerful marketing communication and personalized guest data applies to the entire loyalty program. Hotels can manage every aspect of their loyalty program whether they want a ‘classic’ program or a more creative ‘implicit loyalty’ program. We’ll help you set up the loyalty program that best fits your hotels’ specific needs. HOTELAPPZ PRO LOYALTY includes: -Data Collection & Aggregation -Strengthen Customer Relationship -More Loyal Customers -All maintenance and customer support is included -No Set Up Fee. >Additional services that are optional may require additional one-time service fees. Some service options include: 1) connecting other data sources to HotelAppz (POS, Spa, Restaurant, Channel Managers, etc), 2) onboarding support including a) advice on defining customer interaction scheme, b) webinar training, 3) customization of automated marketing campaign templates, and 4) customization of BI dashboards or specific KPI implemented.

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