Power BI: Custom Reports

Do you want to see your Mews data in Power BI? Our solution provides dashboards with standard reports in it. With an overview of the daily important data as well as YTD comparison for one or multiple Hotels or Hostels, our solution gives you detailed information at the moment you need enabling you to make the right decisions at all times. Besides the standard reports, we can also develop custom reports for you based on your specific requirements. We can import your historical data from your previous PMS or add budget figures to give more insights in your performance. Features: - One readonly Login to Azure SQL database, full dataaset - Raw data without filters and formulas - No support on dataset and formulas - Database is accessible with 1 static (your own) IP Address - Publish in: your own tenant, licensing power BI pro excluded - Current max refresh dataset for POwer BI is 8 times a day

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