xPlan is the most comprehensive software solution for spas, thermal baths, waterparks, health clubs and wellness resorts. The solution integrates all aspects of operations, such as automatic scheduling, access control, RFID integration, cashless payments, membership management, e-ticketing, online reservations, accounting, gift cards, CRM, group lessons and much more.

There are also many additional unique features, such as self service checkout and booking terminals, digital signage, management information and dashboards. By integrating the use of RFID smart wristbands, xPlan creates a unique customer journey for your guests. The solution is suited to large spas and chains, as well as smaller hotel spas who are keen on boosting revenue as well as the guest experience.


  • Reduce running costs and increase profit margins
  • Create new marketing and upselling opportunities
  • Free up staff to provide a personable experience for your guests

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