Zennio BMS

A hotel equipped with a Zennio automation system in its rooms and common areas allows you and your guests to easily control different elements such as lighting, climate, and shutters. Moreover, it's possible to monitor the presence of the guest in the room, and whether the guest has requested housekeeping or not to be disturbed. The integration between Zennio control system and Mews Hospitality Cloud allows for a wide range of possibilities:

- To show the guest's name in the control elements of the room.

- To change the language in the control interfaces of the room, according to the language of the guest.

- To have a smart control of the room climate, depending on whether the room has been sold or not.

- To integrate the check-in and check-out with the access control system.

- To record the language of the guest in the access control card. The guest can get the messages in his/her language.

- To generate a password for the remote control of the room from a smartphone.

- To generate the Bluetooth pin code for the room audio control before the arrival of the new guest.


  • Adjust climate according to the room status (checked-in or not)
  • Change panel controls language according to guest language
  • Card recording check-in and check-out dates and guest language
  • Create credentials for room remote control during guest stay
  • Create PIN for audio Bluetooth in the room

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