Pxier Salon/Spa

Pxier Salon and Spa is a cloud-based application software that's designed for salons and spa facilities to effectively manage all aspects of business operation and improve their bottom line.

Its simple and easy to use interface is intuitive and requires minimal training, and Pxier makes it easy to store and view customer details including preferences and historical data, allowing the provider to offer customized services and product offers.

Pxier Salon/Spa software includes following features: Customer Management, Graphic Employee Appointment Scheduler, Sales/POS Transactions, Create Sales from Appointments, Sell Products, Gift cards, Packages (Single or Multiple visits), Invoicing, Notifications and reminders, Email Marketing, Sales and transaction reports, Inventory Management, and Integrated Payments.


  • The Pxier / Mews integration allows the worry free transfer of customer and sales transaction between two systems
  • Sync customers from Pxier to Mews as well as Mews to Pxier
  • Send revenue to Mews upon completion of sales transaction
  • Send payments from Pxier to Mews


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