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HotelPartner Yield Management

HotelPartner is a Swiss company with an international outlook, founded in 2006. They service more than 450 partner hotels across Europe and are planning further locations worldwide. The annual portfolio and rooms revenue volume under HotelPartner's management currently stands at EUR 500 million. As a specialist in the hotel sector with HotelPartner's yield management technology and highly qualified revenue managers, they are in a position to offer tailored solutions and to respond promptly to the latest market developments. HotelPartner achieve impressive results above the market average in close collaboration with your reservation and sales staff. The tried-and-tested solution package and comprehensive support service allow you to retain your independence and decision-making responsibility.

  • Real-time revenue updates
  • Two way integration
  • Real-time delivery of price and availability updates from MEWS to your booking channels
  • Real-time delivery of booking information from your booking channels to MEWS


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

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