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tell Charlie - Proven to improve online reviews, increase revenue, and make guests happier. With tell Charlie you can easily engage with all of your guests throughout the complete guest journey and increase the guest experience. Your guests get one place to make requests before they arrive, give feedback during their stay, and rate their experience after their trip. MORE REVIEWS AND MORE REVENUE We don't need to tell you that the online reputation of an accommodation is important - a good reputation leads to more revenue through: - Better online visibility - More bookings and repeat visits - Increased guest purchases PROVEN RESULTS The tell Charlie service is now being used by ten thousands of guests and accommodations worldwide. Data analysis proves that guests provide more and higher ratings - 88% of the accommodations that actively use tell Charlie receive a higher rating. This will help you to boost your online reputation and increase your revenue. You can select to which online review platforms your guest reviews should be directed to. REDUCE YOUR WORKLOAD - Our innovative guest experience platform allows you to automatically contact your guest at the right moment before, during and after stay with personalized communication. - You and your staff can see and manage all guest conversations in one place. - When a guest has an urgent problem, you will be notified instantly. SHOW YOUR BRANDING With tell Charlie you can apply your own branding to all digital conversations and the guest interface so guests will easily recognize your accommodation. MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS Know what your guests think of your service and track your accommodations' performance on different metrics in the tell Charlie data dashboard. HELP YOUR GUESTS - Many competitors require guests to download an app first, but few guests take the time to download and install them. With tell Charlie guests don't need to download an app and they can easily give feedback, make requests and chat with a (no download needed) web app. - The intuitive tell Charlie web app works on tablets, mobile phones and desktop. - Guest love tell Charlie and rate the service's usefulness with an 8,5/10. We're only satisfied when all guests and accommodations are satisfied - that's why we're releasing new features every month. EXAMPLE GUEST CONTACT MOMENTS

  • Before-stay requests Welcome your guests before arrival and ask them to share their questions and requests - and show your accommodation's interest in your guests' personal needs. This also lets you schedule any additional work during off-peak hours and ensures a smooth check-in upon arrival
  • During-stay feedback Connect with your guests after their first night in your accommodation. This is an excellent opportunity for you to find out if your guests are happy, and lets you transform a potentially bad experience (and subsequent bad review) into a good one!
  • After-stay ratings Traditional after-stay surveys have very low response rates, as there is little incentive for guests to take the time to follow up. tell Charlie lets you open up a dialogue before guests have even arrived, which makes people much more likely to share their experience - so response rates go up!
  • Solution to automatically ask questions to guests that were pulled from Mews
  • Solution for any accommodation type
  • One way connection


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