2020 in a nutshell

A brief overview of Mews development in 2020

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2020 development overview

You asked, we listened

2020 wasn’t an easy year for anybody. But despite its hardships, we still have plenty to be proud of. Our amazing product team continued to work tirelessly to develop our products and expand the capabilities of the Mews Hospitality Cloud.

Many of our decisions were guided by your invaluable feedback, so thanks to every Mews hotelier who helps to keep us improving. These are some of the most remarkable features we brought you in.

Mews Operations in a nutshell

Smart room allocation, group billing, and better oversight

We added a clever algorithm to optimize space allocation on your timeline, meaning you get a clutter-free overview of your availability and save time that would have been spent manually shuffling reservations.

Managing billing was never easier with our new group billing screen, which lets you see and move all the bills from a group (or single) reservation in one simple screen.

We also connected tasks and reservations to improve visibility and cross-department communication, and made action log improvements that give you more detailed information about any reservation changes.

Finally, as we welcomed more properties, we continued to expand into new legal environments – with more planned in the future.

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Mews Guest Journey in a nutshell

Say hello to online check-out and more contact-free features

The introduction of online check-out was a game-changer for many properties. It's the final element of the contact-free journey, giving guests peace of mind and helping to cut front desk wait times and tedious admin.

One of the most requested features was digital registration cards, which we rolled out so that guests can sign from their own phone, cutting wasteful printing.

Improvements to the guest journey didn't stop there. Mews Kiosk now supports more features than ever, including check-outs and integrated terminals for payments.

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Mews Payments in a nutshell

Introducing Terminals and smoother payment handling

The Mews Payments ecosystem got bigger and smarter. We released the Mews Terminal, a fully automated and integrated card reader that integrates with Mews Payments to create a seamless payment experience for your guests and staff.

You can also now send guests a payment request directly from within Mews Operations, where secure online payments can be taken by the guest or forwarded to the appropriate payee.

A final shoutout to 3-D Secure, which we've started using to enable smoother payment handling with third parties (OTAs). It basically means that for these transactions, our payment provider requests an exemption from the customer's bank, meaning the guest won't need to verify every payment.

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Mews Business Intelligence in a nutshell

The power of Mews Analytics, plus enhanced reporting

Using Mews gives you datapoints that you might not even know about – that's why we introduced Mews Analytics. It's a powerful tool that gives you the ability to combine data across a hotel group, as well as upload historical data.

This means you can say goodbye to fiddly data exports and manual merges. Compare your past, present, and budgeted performance with information straight from the Mews platform.

As always, we continued to regularly update reports so you get the most relevant data. In 2020, we updated cancellation reporting, reservation reports and the reservation pricing report.

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Marketplace in a nutshell

200+ new integrations and improvements

Mews Marketplace connects the best solutions and tools in hospitality, giving you the power to customize your tech stack. Nothing should get in the way of expanding your horizons, so we introduced 240 new integration partners to our portfolio.

This makes us the most integrated PMS in the world.

In more good news, our TravelClick connection has been updated to support the US. Our D-Edge integration improved a lot as well, with occupancy-based pricing, better reservation management of loyal guests, and extended length of stay restrictions.

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Mew Open API in a nutshell

Booking.com improvements and Spacetime foundations

Thanks to Mews Open API, you can easily communicate with channel managers, booking engines and more.

Two big improvements happened with our Booking.com connection. Firstly, you'll be able to see your guest's preferred language in their profile and all emails will be sent in that language wherever possible. Muy bien.

Secondly, there's great news for combatting invalid cards. If a guest uses an invalid card for the reservation, Mews automatically notifies Booking.com who then inform the customer so they can add new payment details immediately.

We continuously work on improving our API, and one of the key projects this year was laying the foundations for Spacetime, a transformative new way of space management. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this soon.

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Other Improvements in a nutshell

We also improved onboarding, training and our UX

We strive to continuously improve services outside of the day-to-day running of your property – these don't strictly qualify as feature releases, but there are a couple of things that deserve highlighting.

We improved our onboarding experience to make it as smooth as possible, with a new specialized online implementation process.

We also focused on giving your employees the best possible training experience by adding loads of new videos to Mews University, and revamped our help site with hundreds of new articles.

Finally, to give you more power over the system, employee privileges got more granular so you can keep your data safe and your user experience easy.

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