Hotel Maashof customer story

Hotel Maashof makes big time savings by embracing digitalization

The Dutch hotel uses Mews Kiosks, Mews Booking Engine and more to create seamless experiences. 

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60% faster check-ins with Mews Kiosk


Zero chargebacks


Double industry average booking engine conversion

About Hotel Maashof

Hotel Maashof is an 85-room hotel outside the city center of Venlo in the Netherlands. Surrounded by greenery, it’s perfect for cyclists, walkers and lovers of nature. The hotel has a good mix of business and leisure guests, with onsite restaurants, bookable activities and more. 

“The action log feature has really improved our communication between staff and departments. We can see everything that happens, which means fewer errors and faster action times.”

Maurice Martens
Head of Marketing, Hotel Maashof

Multiple, high-converting booking engines


The hotel has a number of special rate deals in place with businesses. Anyone booking a room directly needs to be able to view the correct pricing.


The team have set up multiple Mews Booking Engines so that each business can have private access to its own rates and availability. If a room is booked in one booking engine (or elsewhere), the availability immediately updates within Mews, avoiding overbookings. In the public-facing booking engine, Maashof uses a free pricing widget that compares room rates to and Expedia, boosting conversion.


• 7% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is industry average for independent hotels)
• Extras are bookable before confirmation, including electric bike hire, dinner and early check-in
• Multiple payment options available, with 57% of guests using iDeal

Digital check-ins with Mews Kiosk


During busy check-in and check-out times, the reception area would become busy, with guests queuing to check in via printed forms and pen and paper.


Hotel Maashof used Mews Kiosks for digital registration. Upon arrival, guests are handed one of two tablets so they can easily type in their details which are then automatically updated in their Mews guest profile. This user-friendly solution not only saves time for staff and guests, it also reduces errors (e.g. staff misreading handwriting) and eliminates unnecessary printing waste and clutter.


• Almost 100% of guests check in onsite with Mews kiosk
• 60% faster check-in times
• Average check-in time reduced from five minutes to two minutes

“The front desk was very happy with Mews Kiosk because they didn't have to print out any documents and then manually type in all of the guest details into the computer. They can actually focus on the guest instead.”

Maurice Martens
Head of Marketing, Hotel Maashof

Integration spotlight


Previously, Hotel Maashof had to use a separate, unconnected system to cut keys for guests, which was time-consuming for staff. Now, using the Salto integration with Mews, staff can easily cut keys according to guests’ room details within Mews Operations.


Revinate is a customer management and marketing tool that integrates with Mews directly to pull guest data. This will allow the Maashof team to perform more targeted marketing, such as segmented pre-arrival and upsell emails, that will ultimately increase guest loyalty and value.

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“We really like the frequency with which new features are implemented in Mews. The platform is always moving forward and improving staff and guest experiences.”

Maurice Martens
Head of Marketing, Hotel Maashof

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