Mews University

Empower your staff with education 

Give your staff the confidence and the know-how to create remarkable guest experiences. Mews University helps your team learn Mews fast, letting them spend less time figuring out the software and more time with guests.  

Benefits of Mews University

Mews University makes it easy to onboard and train new staff at any experience level, so you’re always prepared to provide quality service. 


Whether you’re onboarding new hires or training tenured staff, give your employees the freedom to learn on their schedule, anytime, anywhere.


New staff can train independently via the e-learning platform instead of relying on on-duty staff to take time away or reduce productivity. 


Interactive live courses, walk-throughs, videos, quizzes or hands-on practice? There's a mixture of educational styles to suit every learner. 

Role-based programs 

Master Mews in no time

Get new staff members up and running fast with role-based training included at no extra charge. Tailored learning paths help employees quickly become platform experts, building their confidence to jump right in and deliver exceptional guest experiences. 


Quick and efficient courses 

Your time is valuable. That’s why Mews University courses average less than 6 hours of e-learning with optional live courses for additional learning. 

Focused training 

Mews University courses focus content on the top 90% of your tasks, leaving staff knowledgeable and confident. 


We speak your language. Mews University courses are available in five core languages: English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.  

“Mews University is a fantastic resource. From my experience, someone’s satisfaction with software usually comes down to their knowledge of how to use it. So it’s in our best interest to make sure employees know as much about Mews as possible; and Mews University does that.”

Designed for ease

Empower your staff

Did you know that positive onboarding experiences make employees 18x more committed to the company and 38% more effective at their job? Mews University gives your staff fun, job-specific training so they’ll feel well-equipped from the start. 

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Based on feedback  

Your experience matters - and can guide future courses. Review and rate courses as you go so we can continue to improve.  

Avoids staff overload 

Self-guided courses mean staff can learn on their schedule and without the need for others to take time away from their daily roles to spend time training.  

Reduces human error 

Mistakes happen when staff don’t know how to use a system. Mews University makes sure staff know what they’re doing, limiting undertrained staff mistakes. 

Don't just take it from us

Read the stories from Mews customers.



“I really like the way Mews University is explained, for dummies style, step-by-step, this is really important.”

Marco Metge Senior 
Director Operations, District Living
District Living 1

“We really enjoyed Mews University. Being able to learn from home is ideal – you can just grab a drink and dive into lessons in a cozy environment”

Aziz Chaer Founder, Grend
Self-guided courses 

Learn on your schedule 

Expand your expertise whenever, wherever. All content is available online, so staff can learn at their own pace and pick up where they left off. 



Access content online on any device at any time. Even overnight staff can train during late-night hours or even remotely.  



Everyone learns differently. And Mews University adapts. Our learning paths can be completed at the pace that works for each individual.  


Optional live sessions  

For those that want a little more help – or a little more feedback, we offer optional live courses with Mews experts for immediate assistance, answers and guidance. 



Mews University is so easy to use that staff will know exactly how to progress and pick up where they left off without supervisor guidance.

Regularly updated  

Keep up with product updates

Education doesn’t end with onboarding. Mews University is your single, up-to-date source for all the latest Mews product releases, services, and developments and how to master them.  


Regularly updated  

As new product features and capabilities are launched so are new Mews University courses. So you’re always trained on the newest user flows.  

Reeducate and retrain 

Mews University is your always-on, always-available guide. Whether it’s a refresh of courses you’ve taken or new courses to expand your learning, Mews University is here.  

Make it remarkable.

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