Modernize your hotel by offering an online check-in process in the style of current airlines. With Civitfun you'll have guest data correctly stored in Mews, allowing your guests to complete their check-in process without the need for anyone from your team to intervene until the day of arrival. Guests will fill in their information themselves which will then automatically be transfered to Mews, always complying with the current GDPR regulations.

Reduce the waiting times of the guests in your reception and lighten the work of your front desk team so that your guests benefit from an improved, more attentive service. The software also validates that the guests' data is correct, such as email, ID number, and date of issue, reducing errors and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


  • Document scanning from pictures extracts data from any ID or passport with standards (MRZ and PDF 417)
  • Simple and easy digital signatures means that guests can sign their hotel contract
  • Guest data is directly sent to their Mews guest profile, saving hundreds of hours for your reception staff


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