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From co-working spaces to parking spaces, nights to months, and child pricing to day pricing, Mews lets you realize the full revenue potential of your property.

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Revenue managers
Trusted by Revenue managers at properties of all types and all sizes

Optimize inventory, occupancy and rates

Mews gives you the tools to stay competitive, attract more guests, and boost your revenue.

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Adapt pricing to maximize revenue

Whether it’s child room rates or weekend breakfast pricing, flexible pricing makes it easy for you to optimize rates for spaces, products and services to meet the demand by day, by season, by whatever you need.

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Attract more direct bookings

With a user-friendly booking engine and integration with Google Travel, Mews offers more ways to increase the number of bookings direct through your website to reduce cost of acquisition and boost profitability.

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Do more with reservation blocks

Easily set aside, price and manage blocks of rooms for groups then share a booking link with guests for simple self-serve that's frictionless for them and more efficient for staff.

Data insights

Data insights for better decisions

Data-driven decisions is a buzzword for one simple reason: they work. Get the metrics you need to make informed decisions in real-time with flexible reports that live in the cloud, giving you access to everything you need from anywhere.

Maximize revenue

Integrations to maximize revenue

Mews integrates seamlessly with leading Revenue Management software so you can easily automate pricing and increase revenue with the tools you’re used to using.

Read our report The Metrics that Matter to see if you’re using your metrics to their fullest to drive more efficiencies across your hotel.

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Opera Hotel Zurich lobby

Hotel Opera Zurich

Sell spaces, not room nights

Your property is made up of more than rooms, so why should you only sell room nights? With Mews, you can get creative with your full property for more ways to generate revenue and meet the needs of your guests.

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Long stays

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Parking spaces

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The Social Hub

The Social Hub

Monthly services bookings

Whether it's renting rooms to students during the school year, booking temporary housing for employees, or reserving monthly parking spots, easily price, offer and bill bookings on a monthly basis.


Mews Business Intelligence

It's easier to manage your revenue with valuable data in your pocket. Mews BI combines visual dashboards with customizable reporting that is easy to act on. Always know how you're doing and how you can grow.

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Mews Payments

Take payments from error-prone and inconvenient to seamless and flexible with Mews Payments. The fully integrated payment system enables one-click payments at any part of the guest journey and opens doors to new revenue streams.

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Ready to put the guest at the heart of your hotel?

See how Mews Hospitality Cloud lets you simplify your operations and create more personal experiences for guests and staff.

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