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From co-working spaces to parking spots, nights to months, and child pricing to day pricing, Mews lets you monetize your property in more spaces and more ways. 


Trusted by revenue managers at properties of all types and all sizes.

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Top reasons Revenue Managers turn to Mews

Power your revenue strategy with modern solutions from a software company that understands that business changes fast and you need a product that can respond rapidly. 


Attribute pricing 

Whether it’s child room rates or weekend breakfast pricing, flexible pricing makes it easy for you to optimize rates for spaces, products, and services to meet the demand by day, by season, by whatever you need. 


More direct bookings 

With a user-friendly booking engine and direct integrations, Mews offers more ways to increase the number of bookings direct through your website to reduce cost of acquisition and boost profitability. 


Simple group blocks 

Easily set aside, price and manage blocks of rooms for groups, then share a booking link with guests for simple self-serve that's frictionless for them and more efficient for staff. 


Actionable insights 

Make informed decisions in real time with flexible reports that live in the cloud, giving you access to everything you need from anywhere. 

Hotel space management 

Monetize more 

Your property is made up of more than rooms, so why should you only sell room nights? With Mews, you can get creative with your property for more ways to generate revenue and meet the needs of your guests. 


Hours to months

Get more out of your real estate and reduce the cost of acquisition with the options to offer your rooms and spaces in hourly or monthly blocks.

Parking spaces to co-working spaces 

Manage revenue and avoid overbookings with reservations for different parts of your property, all organized in one PMS. 

Memberships for guests and community 

Create opportunities for local communities to visit your property regularly.
Rate management 

Automate and optimize rates

Adjust rates in just a few clicks to respond to expected – and unexpected – fluctuations, attract more customers and update your revenue strategy as often as needed. 


Group rate management 

Manage the rates for all your properties in one simple screen. Simply group properties with the same rates, set them once and apply them everywhere. Done and done. 

Set your own rules

Need to apply restrictions on the rates? Not a problem. It’s your revenue strategy – you get to do what works for you.  

Put packages together

Add, combine, and tie it up with a bow. Whatever the season, whatever the reason, package deals can increase direct bookings; Mews makes them easy to offer. 
Data and reporting 

Data insights for better decisions

Access the reports and information you need to drive more informed decisions and meet your revenue goals.  


Interactive dashboards  

Get a complete view of how your business is performing with historical data, current performance and target numbers.   

Flexible reports 

Manage your revenue stream with account views and glanceable reports that offer better control over balances, credit history and invoicing. 

Insights for success

Read the stories from Mews customers.


mola hostel

"The reason we moved to Mews was that everything we were doing that was wrong or bad or hard, would suddenly be a lot easier."

Marius Iuhas Revenue Manager, Mola!
Mola white
prinz von hessen

"The data shows us that direct bookings have a higher average spend, so anything we can do to encourage them is good for business – the Mews Booking Engine is a big help." 

Siniša Horvat Director of Revenue Management, 
Prinz von Hessen
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revelton suites

“Automation is such a game changer in the world of serviced apartments. Our guests are happy, and we save time and money – Mews is the best at making even the most complex operations easy and efficient.” 

Karina Teras  Revenue Manager, 

Revelton Suites 
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