About us

Welcome to Mews

Our founder, Richard Valtr, and CEO, Matthijs Welle, are former hoteliers who started Mews in 2012. Driven by a passion for technology and service, our mission is to transform an entire industry with cloud solutions that make hospitality more rewarding for everyone.

welcome to mews

Who we serve

We’re building transformational technology for millions of hospitality professionals and their guests.


The hoteliers who choose Mews share our passion for innovation and they don’t accept the status quo. They’re using our technology to rethink physical spaces, services and guest experiences.


Hospitality brands are heavily scrutinized. The day a guest checks-out, their rating goes online. Ultimately we’re designing Mews for our customer’s customer because every guest experience must be remarkable.

about us mews

Our team

Proudly headquartered in Prague, with team members located all over the world.

Who are we?

We get asked a lot: what makes us different at Mews? Well, we’re insiders - from global hotel groups, from management training programs, from luxury brands. But we’re also outsiders - developers, product managers, UX experts. It’s a killer combination. 

Why should you have to do a night audit every single night? Why don't your staff focus on your guests? Why do you only let guests book overnight stays? Every day, our team thinks about how to seamlessly connect people and services, and improve experiences, through technology.


The Mews leadership team comes from a diverse background of hospitality, tech, start-ups and beyond, but what they have in common is passion, expertise, and ambition. They may set the direction of the company, but there are no ivory towers here: each of them is just a Slack message away, always happy to talk and collaborate.


Richard Valtr
Richard Valtr

Richard founded Mews in 2012 and has since become one of hospitality's true innovators and thought leaders, not to mention one of the most dashing.

Matt Welle
Matt Welle
Chief Executive Officer
After years in the trenches of hospitality, Matt co-founded Mews in 2012. Since then, he's been our fearless CEO, leading the company and the industry forward.
Leah Anathan
Leah Anathan
Chief Marketing Officer
Unofficial Mews CTO (Chief Talking Officer), Leah has a wealth of experience in leading global marketing teams and driving brand development and success.
Greg Naidoo
Chief Evangelist & Development Officer
Greg joined Mews in 2016 and has since become totemic for Mewsers and Mews customers alike. He has overcome crippling shyness *cough* to spread the word of Mews far and wide.
Pepa Starýchfojtů
Pepa Starýchfojtů
Chief Product and Technical Officer
Pepa's origin story is an inspiring one: he joined Mews as a humble backend developer and through hard work and prodigious talent, worked his way up to lead our product and tech teams.
michael wesner chief commercial officer
Michael Wesner
Chief Commercial Officer
Michael has led a number of hospitality tech companies to success, and since joining Mews in 2021 has brought focus and smarts to our sales operation.
naomi trickey chief people officer
Naomi Trickey
Chief People Officer
Why does Mews keep winning awards like Best Place to Work? In large part because Naomi and her People Team work tirelessly to foster an open, inclusive and inspiring workplace.
daniel ahremark chief financial officer
Daniel Ahremark
Chief Financial Officer
Daniel brought a wealth of fintech experience to Mews following roles at the likes of PayPal and iZettle. Now he heads our finance team in spearheading the financial growth of the business.
paul mooney chief customer officer
Paul Mooney
Chief Customer Officer
Mews customers are pretty special, which requires a pretty special person to champion them. Enter Paul, whose mission is to empower our hoteliers and help them to even greater successes.

Mews in numbers

Over 5,000

Hotels using Mews

We started with one hotel in Prague, The Emblem Hotel. Today you can find Mews hotels all around the globe, in every shape, size, and segment. 


Number of Mewsers

We’re engineers, product managers, customer service and support, people ops, financial ops, sales, partners, marketers, business operations, IT, security, research, M&A and the list goes on.


Pets that we adore

Beyonce, Nori, Hugo, Alvin, Boro, Zoey, Kiyra, Pax, Cosma, Chili, Gigi, Basil, Marmite, Žižkov, Skittles, Black, Noma, Loki, Roxie, Kai, Shiva, Cornelius HC, Kocour, Kira, Lord... 


Countries with a Mews property

If you’re in Paris, Kube is a must. If you want to discover Kyoto, the Wayfarer Hotel is a gem. In all 85 different countries, you can find unique properties that spend more time focusing on guest experience thanks to Mews.

Culture & values

Our values are guiding principles. They’re a driving force behind our behavior and our culture at Mews.



We believe that great technology can make the human experience better.


We're tough. The workload might be heavy, but one foot in front of the other.


We read, we discover, we ask questions, we challenge assumptions.


We will all make mistakes. The key is to learn, get feedback and improve.


We share our experiences with one another. We believe in an open culture.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re feeling inspired by our mission and team please visit our careers page.