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Your guests expect a modern stay powered by smart technology. By simplifying complex tasks and digitalizing the guest experience, Mews turns hostel management into a smooth and memorable experience for everyone. 

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Why switch your hostel management software to Mews?

Your hostel is where authentic experiences come to life. Our host of digital solutions help you automate, streamline and uncover new revenue opportunities – all while meeting the needs of today's guests.


Cloud-native platform

No reliance on IT. No need for on-site servers. With our cloud-native software, all you need is a web browser, and you can manage operations anywhere, anytime.  


Contactless solutions 

Join us in a modern world of contactless check-ins, automated, one-click payments, digital chats and self-service kiosks. 


Customizable ecosystem 

Don’t let your PMS keep you from meeting your business goals. With our open API and massive library of integrations, you can build your platform your way.


Seriously easy to learn

With a super intuitive interface, e-learning and online answers, all you need to teach new staff members about is your business. The PMS training takes care of itself. 

Leverage invisible tech  

Leverage digital solutions

The best hostel technology adapts to the property's - and the guests' - unique needs. That means digital, mobile experiences designed for guests who are always on the go – and always on their phones.

online check ins and check outs
Online check-ins (and outs)

Hostel guests expect fast, easy, hassle-free tools. With Mews, they can check in and out on their phones and on their schedules.

  • No waiting in long lines
  • Information and payment added ahead of time
  • Easily handle large numbers of guests coming and going
  • No paperwork. No signatures. No busy lobbies.
Seamless cross sells
Seamless cross-sells

Whether it's that towel they forgot (or lost) or the breakfast they didn't think about before, guests can add on items they need with no staff involvement needed.

  • Offer upsells at booking, online check-in or at a kiosk
  • Grow ancillary revenue effortlessly
  • From parking to branded products, upsell whatever you choose
Self serve kiosks
Self-serve kiosks

When loads of guests arrive at the same time, you need a way to manage the check-ins - or outs - and still deliver a good experience. Kiosks take the place of staff so you can manage a rush without long lines or frustrated guests.

  • Capture and charge for early check-ins
  • Add a payment terminal for self-serve payments
  • Integrated key cutters let guests cut their own keys
  • Customize screens for brand consistency
User friendly booking engine
User-friendly booking engine 

When guests are on-the-go, there's no time for complicated booking sites. Make it as easy as possible to book a room or bed directly on your site in minutes.

  • Eliminate OTA fees
  • Deliver an experience true to your brand
  • Offer special pricing or bundles
  • Transparent details simplify booking




Staffing solutions  

Save time, stress and downtime 

Staff come and go, but hiring new employees doesn't have to mean downtime or a steep learning curve. With our user-friendly interface and e-learning platform, staff training happens fast - even for hospitality newbies.

Modern UX

Say goodbye to staff stuck behind computers and weeks of learning a complicated system. Our interface is designed for today's tech-savvy staff. It's so intuitive and easy-to-learn, onboarding new hires is a snap.


With Mews University for online learning you can skip months of training and supervision of new staff or scheduled classroom time. Staff can learn on their schedule, join live sessions for feedback, or even unlock trainings to boost their skills.

Eliminate repetitive tasks 

Automating processes like the dreaded night audit, taking payments, and even figuring out room assignments saves your staff time plus the added bonuses of keeping them engaged and letting you streamline your staffing. 

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Embrace the power of digital transformation 

Supercharge your hostel operations

Ready to stand out in the competitive hostel field? Our future-looking hotel tech lets you optimize the total potential of your business. Unlock revenue, attract more guests, and work more efficiently with Mews. 


Turn spaces into revenue 

Mew lets you sell and manage more spaces around your hostel seamlessly. From parking to meeting spaces, it's time to get creative and drive more revenue from your property.

Offer bookings from hours to months 

Sell any space at any time. Sell many spaces many times. Get the most out of your real estate by offering rooms and spaces in hourly or monthly blocks. 

Manage operations from anywhere 

As long as you’ve got a phone or tablet, you can check in on operations and even adjust rates, run reports or monitor occupancy, without the need to be on site.
Stay secure. Stay compliant. 

Leave the security
needs to us

Your guest information is safe with us. Mews was awarded SOC 2® Type 2, the industry gold standard for data security and that’s not all.

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Insights for success

Read the stories from Mews customers. 


The good optimization of resources and easy usability of Mews make coordination between reception, cleaning and administration departments simple and fast. We can resolve any issue almost immediately.” 
Rodrigo Llorente  General Manager, Mola!
Mola white
“Mews is a big part of our transformation, as it gives us the power to be more agile and aligns with our motto: simpler, leaner and stronger.” 
Paul McGrath CEO, YHA Australia 
Harrys home
“We like to provide our guests with options. They can pay upfront, during check-in, or at check-out. I don’t want to tell them that they have to do it a certain way, so these options are important.”
Florian Ultsch Director of Business Development, 
harry's home 
harrys home

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