Hotel booking engine

Boost your direct bookings

Stop paying OTA fees or making it hard for guests to book with you. Give guests an intuitive, user-friendly booking engine and watch your direct bookings – and profit – go up.

hotel booking engine

Benefits of Mews Booking Engine

From a simpler, more transparent experience for guests to security and speed you can count on, grow your revenue and give your guests a positive, branded experience from the start.


Customize your room images, your descriptions and the colors to fit your brand.


Make it easy for always on-the-go (or always on their phones) guests to book direct with you.


From dates to room type to upsells, we make booking a room – and adding products – a snap.  


Our secure integrated payment platform with tokenization keeps guest and hotel data protected. 

Intuitive booking engine
Intuitive bookings

Capture more bookings

Give your guests a no-hassle way to book their accommodation (and more) and watch booking conversions - as well as your ADR - go up. The easy-to-use calendar and restriction information make it simple for guests to plan their perfect stay.

direct bookings.
Ebb-Dunedin New Zealand

Transparent details

Trust starts with transparency – including booking restrictions and details that help guests book with confidence.  


Guest information

Babies? Kids? Adults? Make sure your guests find the room that fits their party with information about who’s staying. 


Promotional rates

Make it more enticing for guests to book with the ability to feature special offers through your booking engine.  

Seamless upsells

Improve their visit and your revenue

Give guests an easy way to personalize their stay. With the option to add products and services during online booking and check-in, guests can customize their stays while you grow your revenue - and all without sales pitches from staff.


From wine to breakfast to tours


Early check-in and late check-out


Spa services and more

earned per month through upselling.
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Seamless upsells
Parking and meeting spaces
Parking and meeting spaces

Let guests book spaces too 

Guests need more than rooms during their stay, so we've made it easy to add parking spaces and meeting rooms in the same booking engine. Everything you need to manage your spaces in one simple platform.


Easy, fast and stress-free for guests


Opens bookings to non-guests


Reduces the risk of overbookings


extra revenue generated through bookable meeting rooms and parking spaces in 8 months. WP Hotels


Easy to book. Easy to change. 


Cancel reservations 

Guests can cancel reservations as easily as they make them – without wasting staff time. 

Third-party booking 

A travel agent, corporate office, or guest’s friend can easily book on their behalf.  

Quick and easy forms

Email and last name are the only mandatory fields needed to complete a reservation.  
online hotel booking software

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is hotel booking software and how does it benefit my hotel? 

A hotel booking engine is hotel software that allows guests to make online reservations at a hotel or other type of property. It’s integrated with the rest of the property management system (PMS) so that it shows real-time room availability and rates. At its most basic level, booking engine software lets guests input their dates of arrival and departure and number of guests and then displays the available rooms for the guest to make their selection and complete their booking. 

A good booking engine can make the reservation process efficient and can drive both direct bookings and additional revenue through upsells. 

How can a hotel booking engine increase revenue?

Booking engine software can have a profound impact on your revenue by allowing guests to book directly on your website, bypassing online travel agencies (OTAs) and therefore giving you a way to save on fees and reduce costs. Direct bookings also give you the freedom to offer exclusive rates to guests, which can improve loyalty and lifetime value. Mews booking engine software also lets you add upsells and cross-sells during booking which can have a drastic impact on your ancillary revenue.

Can guests use this software to reserve parking spots and meeting rooms?

At Mews, we know your hotel is more than beds. And, we recognize that guests often want the peace of mind and simplicity that goes with reserving parking spots and meeting rooms at the same time as they book their overnight accommodation. That’s why our booking engine can be used for other spaces around your property. Mews Booking Engine lets you add parking spaces to room bookings as an upsell option, and you can even use the booking engine for people to reserve meeting rooms by the hour or day too.

Can Mews Booking Engine be customized with my hotel photos?

Absolutely. Your brand is your signature, and we encourage you to not only let your brand shine through while guests are making a booking, but we also want to give you the tools to help guests see exactly what they’ll be getting. You can add your own photos and colors to the booking calendar and upload up to 10 images of a room or space – although, we recommend you keep it to 4-6 images to keep guests from getting distracted during the booking process.