Mews Open API

Anything is possible with Mews Open API

Our open hospitality APIs give you the freedom to integrate with any application – bespoke or third party. It's your property. Design your perfect ecosystem with Mews Open API.

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Open hospitality APIs from day one

An open platform is in our DNA, so it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing.  

API + UX  

We create our API and UI/UX in parallel to deliver an easy-to-use product that’s as adaptable as you need it to be. 

Easy to build on 

Well-documented, developer-friendly APIs give your team a head start on creating your perfect technology ecosystem.


Hospitality is always changing. Our open platform allows you to pivot quickly to respond to the marketplace. 


Why make multiple API calls when you can make one? Fast, efficient, designed for multiple property management. 

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Connector API

Keep your systems connected 

Our connector API lets you connect data and services so you can optimize your operations. From accounting systems to housekeeping data to key cutters and payment terminals, the connectivity options are endless.  

Channel manager API 

Maximize visibility and bookings

Get your inventory in front of more guests while reducing the risk of overbookings with our fast, open channel manager API.  


Accept reservations 


Get fast inventory updates  


Manage OTA distribution 

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custom booking engine
Booking engine API

Custom booking engine? No problem.

Add your custom booking widget to Mews PMS with our API that gives you total control and more ways to boost direct bookings.  


Collect information about your rooms or spaces 


Access availability details 


Create reservations 

Insights for success

Read the stories from Mews customers.



“Because the API is open, we’re able to build a whole custom front end that exactly fits our needs, but still runs on Mews. Mews is the glue in the middle that connects everything – it fits our open mindset where everything is a network.” 

Sander Ejlenberg, Co-founder  Cabiner 
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“All of our hotels are different, and Mews allows us to build our ideal tech stack for each location. It helps us to create a consistent and modern guest experience.”

Henric Hannerfalk, CEO Got City Center Hotels 


We've been in the cloud since day one. Cloud solutions are in our DNA.

Continuous development 

Automatic updates with no downtime needed.



Keep your data updated – always.  



We focus on best-in-class security so you can focus on guests. 


Whatever your size, whatever your segment, Mews works.


Share data quickly and seamlessly across products in a portfolio.

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?