Digital hotel key

Tap into keyless entry

Digital Key allows guests to go to their room without stopping to talk to staff – saving time for everyone. Our contactless check-in technology means no waiting in line, no plastic keycards and no delays.

Benefits of Digital Key


Immediate room access upon arrival without the need for staff support.


Automate repetitive tasks and unnecessary arrival admin.

No keycards

Reduce the cost and security risks of lost, stolen or broken keycards.

Unified experience

Fully integrated with Mews Hospitality Cloud.

Enhance guest experience

Make guest arrival seamless

Deliver a remarkable experience from the moment the guest sets foot in your hotel.


Easy setup before arrival

Setup takes a few simple steps from online check in – no need to visit the App Store.

No login required

Mews identifies the guest via the online check-in and automatically shares the key access token. No logins, authentication codes or jumping between apps.

Shareable with the group

Guest can share their key via WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS and other methods to ensure a seamless arrival experience for everyone involved.

Guide guests to their room

Configure directions for guests so they know exactly how to find their room when they arrive.
Operational efficiency

Streamline operations

Turn traditional, time-consuming check-ins into a seamless digital experience, eliminating front desk friction and labor shortage pains.


Reduce the work for staff

Give your guests the autonomy to access their room without any staff assistance. Cut staffing costs while providing a remarkable experience.

Set your own rules

Create your check-in automation rules from a set of mandatory and optional conditions.

Update with ease

Effortlessly modify reservations for staff and guests. Transfer guests to new rooms after check-in, accommodate late checkouts and early check-ins.

Add your photo

Display your custom image on the key to create consistency across all communication touchpoints.
Next-level security

Boost security

Digital Key is built with leading technology, ensuring it's the safest option for guests.

bluetooth icon

Powered by Bluetooth

Our Digital Key uses Bluetooth which means only someone close to the door can unlock it.

Enhanced property security

Automatically update room access based on real-time adjustments to the reservation details.

Key sharing only with those who need it

To ensure security, Digital Key can't be shared with more people than specified in the reservation.

Guaranteed access – even offline

Bluetooth connectivity ensures uninterrupted operation without a need for network connection.
Embedded tech

Unlock a better guest


Frictionless journey

Digital Key seamlessly integrates with Mews PMS and Mews Guest Portal – from online check-in to direct room access, all in a single flow.


Future-proof solution

Our system is built to last, compatible with Assa Abloy Vostio software and its hardware. Upgrade your locks today to keep your guests secure in the future.


One vendor partner

One software provider means one point of contact for all your admin, support and billing needs, as well as greater product compatibility.


Ongoing support

With dedicated customer support that prioritizes your peace of mind, our service is designed to ensure security and reliability.

How it works



The guest initiates the online check-in flow and completes pre-arrival tasks in an easy flow.


Digital Key app

An app clip is shared with the guest to access the Digital Key app – no need to visit the App Store.


During stay

After activating the key, the guest can conveniently share it with their reservation group.



At the end of check-out, access is automatically revoked on all devices to ensure security.

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is a digital key?

A digital key is a convenient and secure way for guests to access their hotel rooms using their smartphones. When you check in digitally, the hotel sends a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to use the digital key until you check out. Unlike traditional keys or plastic key cards, which can be easily copied, lost, or stolen, digital keys significantly reduce the risks of unauthorized room access.

What is the benefit of a hotel digital key?

A hotel digital key streamlines the guest experience and modernizes hotel stays, enhancing both convenience and security. With a digital key, guests can bypass the front desk and go directly to their rooms upon arrival, saving time. Digital keys eliminate the need for physical key cards, reducing the risk of loss. Additionally, they can be managed through a mobile phone, providing easy access and the ability to share keys with others.

How does the system work?

Guests are invited via a link or application to use their phone to digitally open their room door. This could by through the internet for cloud based door locks, via Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth. Our Digital Key uses Bluetooth and a mobile application to communicate with Bluetooth enabled door locks; the guest only needs to tap their phone near the lock to unlock it. Access is configured based on your door configurations and the reservation in Mews.

How to get digital keys?

To get Digital Key from Mews, you should first verify that you have compatible door locks with your door lock provider. Once confirmed, you can visit the Mews Marketplace and purchase the Digital Key add-on. After some brief configuration you'll be ready for your guests to open doors with their phones.

Which door locks is it compatible with?

Our Digital Key is compatible with Assa Abloy Bluetooth enabled door locks that are running Vostio. Compatibility with other door lock providers is planned for the near future.

How to share our Digital Key with other guests?

The reservation owner can share Digital Key invites with other guests in their reservation directly from the Digital Key app. Guests only need to tap the 'Share' icon in the app and can send a link via their preferred communication method. Key sharing is limited to a maximum of the number of guests on the reservation to help maintain security.