Front Desk Software 

Cloud solutions to streamline your front office

Give your front desk staff the software they need to work more efficiently. Our front desk software automates repetitive manual tasks and simplifies everything else so that staff are empowered to focus on guests, not on their computer screen.  


Benefits of front desk software from Mews 

Your front desk staff are the face of your property. Mews Operations enables your team to spend less time at screens and more time providing personal experiences to your guests. They need modern, intuitive and efficient software to help them work most efficiently – and that’s what you get with Mews.  


Manual, repetitive tasks are automated so staff can maximize their time on meaningful tasks. 


Staff can get out from behind a desk and still access the PMS with our cloud-based, mobile software.  


Mews puts an end to missed messages or the need for face-to-face assignments with optimized task assignments and updates. 


Digital transformation from Mews is a game-changer for the way front desk staff operate – saving time and reducing the risk of human error. 

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Automation at every step 

Eliminate tedious front office tasks  

Experience the power of modern, automated technology with Mews PMS. Our forward-thinking solutions are designed to reduce the amount of time staff spend at a computer so they can spend more time talking to your guests and uncovering more ways to improve your business.  


Reservation groups  

Speed up group check-ins by merging reservations into one reservation group so staff can quickly see which reservations are part of a larger group. 
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Modify reservations 

In just a few clicks, reservations can be moved to different spaces with minimal effort or time.  

Bulk check-ins 

Check in multiple reservations at once with the 'Check in all' button. 
Smart timeline 

Rooms and reservations at-a-glance 

Give your busy front desk staff an easy way to know exactly who’s coming, who’s going and which rooms they’re in with our smart, interactive timeline.  



Staff can easily find exactly what they’re looking for with a built-in search bar that lets them find specific spaces quickly. 


Give guests the room they want with the ability to filter the timeline by room attribute. 

One-touch optimization  

Mews takes the stress out of room assignments with automated timeline optimization. 

Adjustable views 

Use your timeline to see the timeframe you need – change between hourly, daily or monthly in a single click. 
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contactless solutions
Contactless solutions 

Take the strain off staff 

Digital check-in and check-out – online or with a kiosk – give guests more ways to self-serve and remove the need for staff to attend to every single check-in or out individually. Centralized messaging also means staff can easily manage messages from guests without opening new windows or having face-to-face conversations. Contactless payments? We’ve got that covered too.  


All-in-one self-serve solution 

Digital kiosk includes key-cutting, passport screening and payment processing capabilities.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Save on staffing costs by reducing the tasks that they need to perform.

Empower guests  

Give guests options to check in and out the way they prefer. 

Hassle-free payment processing

Integrated payment terminals make processing payments fast and secure. 
Guest-centric screens 

Personalize the check-in experience

Our guest-centric software gives front desk staff valuable guest information right on the check-in screen. With guest history, preferences and loyalty membership information, staff can deliver tailored offers to guests for an experience they’ll remember. That’s what we call a smart, simple view.

guest-centric screens
remove the reception desk
Modern and friendly  

Remove the reception desk 

Mews gives your front desk a different way to connect with guests from the start. The ability to go from a desktop to a tablet means staff don’t have to be behind a desk, and instead can check in guests from a couch, the lounge, or even the pool deck.  

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is a hotel’s front office? 

The front office is the customer-facing part of a hotel. It’s traditionally centered around the front desk (or reception desk) but recent trends have hotels getting rid of front desks and offering more personal or contactless ways to check-in. The front office is often the first impression someone gets when they enter a property. 

What is hotel front desk software? 

In some ways, this hospitality software sits at the heart of a hotel and is what many people think of when they think about a property management system. It is what’s used to manage everything from reservations to room assignments to check-ins and check-outs. It’s also used for billing, tracking loyalty members and for guest profile information that front-desk staff needs to deliver personalized guest experiences. 

What’s the difference between front office and back office? 

While the front office focuses on connecting with and servicing guests, the hotel back office is the administrative center of the property. Back-office team members generally include those in accounting, IT, HR, record keeping, payment processing and many other functions that work to support hotel operations.  


What should I look for in a front desk system? 

The software used by your front desk staff should simplify the everyday tasks done by your staff. Your software should be able to take payments, assign rooms, manage check-ins and replace many of the manual tasks affiliated with a hotel’s front desk. It should be intuitive and easy to use with streamlined automations so that your staff can spend less time looking at a screen and more time helping guests. The software should be fast for immediate updates, cloud-based (or, like Mews, cloud-native) and secure so only those needing access to sensitive data can see it. Finally, front desk software should be flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of your property, your staff and your guests.