Virtual concierge software

Digital services guests will love

Today’s digital generation wants to be able to self-serve. Mews lets you offer them the quick, contactless, mobile solutions your guests have come to expect.  

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Discover digital guest services from Mews 

Make the entire guest experience fast and frictionless. From direct chats to online check-in and out, Mews powers the digital transformation that guests and staff expect.


Let guests check-in or out on their phone, and on their schedule.


Online check-in and fast direct messaging save time for staff and guests.


No app required; just a link is all guests need to check in and out. 


Put guests in control with contactless options for those who want them.

Online check-in 

Say good-bye to check-in queues


No waiting required 

Everything is easier when guests can check in on a mobile device. And by adding details before arrival, they can just get a key and go. 

Digital signature 

No printing physical cards and no time spent standing in line to sign. It’s all fast, efficient and digital. 

Online payments 

Guests can input all their payment information ahead of time and not have to worry about dealing with their payment on arrival. 
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Online check-out 

Faster, easier check-out

No delays. No waiting. Mews lets guests schedule check-out time so they don't even have to be on-site to do it. And once they verify and settle their final bill, an email with their settlement is sent automatically.  

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digital chat and messaging
Digital chat and messaging 

Answer guest questions – in any language 

Real-time messaging that goes straight to reception makes it easy for guests to get their questions answered – and for staff to provide information without changing their screens.   





No app required 


Easy access from emails

“We appreciate how Mews empowers us to focus on customer care, as making a genuine connection with our guests is what’s really important for us.”

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Upsells and cross-sells 

Boost revenue with digital upsells 

Put products and services in front of guests during online check-in (instead of relying on awkward conversations with staff) and make the sale feel natural. From a bottle of wine to parking, make the purchase seamless and watch your revenue grow.  

upsells and cross sells

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is online check-in and check-out? 

Online check-in and out is the easiest way for guests to manage their stays. It gives them the freedom to enter payment information and expedite the process of checking in to a hotel as opposed to doing it all on-site. It’s also a great way for hotels to increase revenue through upsell opportunities and get guests excited about their stay.  

What is the benefit of digital guest services? 

Many of today’s guests are part of the digital generation, meaning they’re used to everything being done online. Digital guest services let them manage their stay the way they’re used to. It also requires staff to spend less time checking people in and going to a different site to answer questions. Everything is streamlined and efficient. 

How does online check-in help my staffing challenges? 

Manual check-in and out takes up a significant amount of staff time. Online check-in means staff don’t have to search and find reservations, input payment information and personal data by hand, or print out and organize digital signature cards. Online check-in and out eliminates all those formal tasks and gives staff time to engage in more valuable conversations with guests