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Self-service kiosk

Cut front desk waiting times, boost guest satisfaction, and create a memorable guest experience with a simple, modern kiosk solution. It's easy to set up and just as easy for guests to use. Mews check-in kiosks are available with Pro and Enterprise packages.

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Key features


Easy set up

Mews Kiosks can be easily set up by scanning a QR code.


Multi-source booking

Whether the booking was made by email, phone, or online, guests just enter their reservation number.


Custom branding

Personalize the kiosk with your logo and choose the primary language or colour theme.



There's no need for printed receipts or paper registration cards, and less waste also means better efficiency.


Kiosk check-ins

Embrace technology and diversify your check-in options to give guests the choice to check themselves in as part of a contact-free experience. Mews check-in kiosks are fully integrated with the Mews ecosystem, so all kiosk interactions are instantly updated in Mews Operations.


Digital registration cards

Complete and sign registration cards, which are stored in their customer profile in Mews. 


Passport scanner

Scan IDs to automatically pre-fill guest information, which is then instantly imported into Mews.  


Integrated payment terminals

Connect our kiosk to a Mews Terminal and let guests pay for their stay at check-in. 


Door lock integration

Guests can cut their own room keys without supervision or assistance.  


Kiosk check-outs

A simple, streamlined self-check-out in just a few taps. Perfect for guests who need to leave in a hurry and skip the front desk queues, check-out kiosks are the final step in a connected, contact-free experience that benefits your staff as well as guests. 


"We expect the Mews Kiosk to be a crowd buster during busy times, and especially useful for our business guests who are often stressed or in a rush. It's going to be a handy tool to help speed up the check-in process."

David Friedmann Henning
CEO, Hotel Big Mama

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