Self-serve check-in kiosk 

Make self-service feel personal  

Give guests the fast, frictionless experience they want from the moment they step foot in your door. Mews Kiosk redefines a convenient self-check-in and out experience – and boosts your revenue too.

self check in software

Discover Mews Kiosk 

Mews Kiosk turns a tablet into a digital greeter and puts guests in control of their check-in and out. Guests can find their reservation fast, cut their own keys, add upsells, and pay for their stay. 


For guests who prefer action over long lines and small talk, there’s Mews Kiosk. 

Enhance their stay  

Make it easy for guests to add products and services during kiosk check-in. 


Make the experience true to your brand with a welcome video and custom images.


Eliminate confusion with animations that guide guests during the check-in process. 


Animated guidance

Clear animations offer step-by-step help to avoid any confusion or frustration. 

Dynamic forms

Only ask for the data you need. You can customize the check-in requirements to only request the information you need.  

Add products and services 

Give guests the option to enhance their stay when they check in at kiosk. From parking to champagne, a better stay is a click away. 

Early check-in confirmation 

Eager guests who check in early will see a notice asking them to confirm the additional fee – avoiding surprises when they pay 

Let guests check out in a few taps 

No need for guests to stand in a queue when they’re ready to leave. Mews Kiosk gives them an easy way close their bill and get on with their day.  



Guests simply tap and go. No need to wait for a staff member to be available and risk missing a ride or a flight.


Guests can pay for additional purchases and close out their entire bill when they check out at the kiosk.


Guests are free to leave whenever they want without the need for someone to be on-site at all hours and all days. 

Let your brand shine through 

Custom branding 

Add a welcome video or images that enhance your brand image and personality.

Self-serve or assisted  

Whether you want it completely self-serve or staff-assisted, Mews Kiosk adapts to your brand’s style. 

No proprietary hardware 

Forget expensive hardware – just a tablet and a payment terminal will do (along with an optional key encoder). 


Add as many or as few kiosks as you want to handle your needs. Mews Kiosk is fully integrated and works with you. 
Natural upsells 

Boost your ancillary revenue

Remove the often awkward and time-consuming upsell and cross-sell conversations and unlock more ancillary revenue naturally when guests check in with Mews Kiosk.  


Capture early check-in fees  

No more lost revenue from disconnected software. Mews Kiosk detects early check-in, notifies the guest of the fee, and automatically adds the charge.  

Upsell naturally 

Take advantage of a guest’s excitement at check-in by offering them more opportunities to add products and services during kiosk check-in. 

Room upgrade

Don’t leave expensive rooms sitting empty. Give guests another way to boost their experience by upgrading to a different category – while you easily add revenue. 

Enjoy extra layers of efficiency 

Too many kiosks still require staff to be on hand to help when the process fails. Mews Kiosk simply works – and works simply.  


Automatic room re-assignment as needed 


Animated instructions remove any confusion 


Customizable registration forms only ask for needed information 

benefits self check-in kiosk

All-in-one solution

The combined power of Mews Kiosk, Mews Payments and key cutter provides a modern, intuitive, complete solution. You can transform check-in and check-out and enable secure, efficient payments, all in one seamless experience.  


Mews Kiosk + Mews Payments

Together, Mews Kiosk and Mews Payments create a secure, seamless check-in and out experience, letting guests add upsells to their booking,  and protecting card information through automatic tokenization.

Door lock integration 

By adding an option key cutter and door lock integration, guests can cut their own room keys without supervision or assistance.   

Eco-friendly digital cards 

Digital signature cards let you get rid of physical cards and the need to find somewhere to store stacks and stacks of paper. 

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is self-serve check-in software? 

Self-serve check-in software is a convenient solution for hotels and properties of all sizes and all types. It lets guests check themselves in using a tablet or similar device, eliminating the need for staff assistance. They can get started just by entering their name or reservation number and the system finds their booking. The software then guides them through a series of steps to collect necessary details such as payment and legal information, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

With Mews Kiosk, you have the flexibility to customize the forms and collect only the relevant information. By integrating a payment terminal and key cutter, guests can complete the entire check-in process without the need for any staff interaction. 

What is the benefit of a self-serve hotel kiosk? 

A self-serve kiosk lets hoteliers work with streamlined staff – or no staff – while also saving time, eliminating queues and offering a contactless solution. It can also be more environmentally friendly to take digital signatures instead of printing cards and wet signatures. 

Mews Kiosk also lets you use tablets to create a gallery of sorts. Simply set up a few kiosks and customize the welcome screens to create an inviting atmosphere that lets the personality of your brand shine through from the moment guests come through the doors.

How can a self-serve kiosk increase revenue and profit? 

A kiosk reduces the need for on-site staff members to be present 24/7 to check guests into the hotel, allowing hoteliers to reduce the spend on staff salaries. Additionally, some kiosks, including Mews Kiosk, include upsell opportunities that boost ancillary revenue. Finally, by providing a more positive guest experience, kiosks can increase loyalty of valued guests.