Mews Payments

Automate hotel payment processing 

Mews Payments makes processing payments at your property fast, seamless and secure. Our integrated payment gateway automates payment tasks to save time, increase security and improve the guest experience.

Flexible payment options

More ways for guests to pay 

Cater to the different payment preferences of your guests while you also save staff time. Whether you and your guests prefer contactless or in-person, we let you – and your visitors – decide how and when to pay.  


At the time of booking




Checking in online


At Mews Kiosk

flexible payment options
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Payment automation

Secure and efficient

Give guests and staff more time and more confidence with secure payment automation from Mews. By making payments fast and seamless, staff spend less time asking for payments, typing in numbers, and looking at their screens and more time connecting with guests.  

saved weekly through payment automation at Emerald Stay

Secure tokenization  

Credit card details are replaced with an encrypted token so sensitive data is never seen or collected. 


Safe and easy 

3DS optimized and PSD2 compliant so you can always be sure that card information is protected.  


One-click payments 

Card information is collected from the start and ready to use for additional charges.


More ways to boost revenue 

Make it easy for guests to pay without the need to show their cards repeatedly.


Easy refunds 

When a refund is needed, staff can apply it in seconds – even without the card being presented. 


Virtual card detection 

Mews recognizes virtual cards and automatically processes the payment at a time set by you.

Accounting conveniences

Improve accuracy and reporting

Give your accounting team something to smile about. Mews Payments removes the need for a separate payment provider for total visibility of your financials.


Real-time overview 

Payments are automatically processed and visible in your PMS. 

Centralized reconciliation  

Reconcile payments in one click. It’s really that fast and easy. 


Tailored payment reports

Get the data you need to monitor the health of your business. 


Flexible settlement rules  

Enable automatic payments when card information is available. 


Failed payment solution  

Automated communications and tasks make resolutions efficient. 

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Best-in-class security

Keep property and guest data secure 

Incorporate the industry’s highest security standards. With Mews Payments, property and guest data is stored and processed safely, with automated processes designed to reduce the risk of fraud, theft or manual errors. 


PCI DSS compliance

Microsoft Azure servers and payment gateway provider are fully PCI DSS compliant.



All card details are tokenized, meaning no raw data sits within Mews.

Insights for success

Read the stories of how Mews Payments helps our customers.



"Automated payments are a game changer. Digital receipts and automatic reconciliation help to make it a much faster, smoother experience for our team and for guests."

Dylan Cazemier, Director & Development Manager, Ebb-Dunedin 
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good hotel

"Using Mews Payments allows us to really concentrate on our guests and give them the attention that they deserve."

Liutauras Vaitkevicius General Manager, Good Hotel
good hotel

“Mews gives us payments peace of mind because we know that whether the guest is paying by card or any alternative method, the transaction will be fast and secure.”

Marie Collet Sales and Admin Manager, Maison Juste

"Our chargeback rate is very, very low. I would say we have less than five chargebacks a year."

Claudia van den Berg Managing Director,
Boutiquehotel STAATS  

Everything you need to improve the payment experience



Fast connections mean fast updates. Keep your data updated – always.



Different currencies, different languages, we help you connect.



One complete ecosystem – PMS, POS and payments together.



Your business revolves around your guests. So does Mews.



Whatever your size, whatever your segment, Mews works.



Solutions that drive disengagement from tech and connection with guests.

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What makes Mews Payments different? 

Mews Payments is a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to process transactions with just a single click at any point in your guests’ journey. Fast, secure and automatic, Mews makes it easy for guests to pay, resulting in a smooth, seamless payment experience. And with one vendor managing your hotel PMS and your payments, deployment is quick and efficient. 

What is hotel payment processing? 

Hotel payment processing is more complex than it might seem. It is the entire process by which a payment is made and funds are received, which includes payment by the guest, the process of validating the payment, a transmission of the payment via a payment gateway, authorization, confirmation and settlement.  

What is the benefit of an integrated payment platform? 

With payment processing integrated into your PMS, payments are processed and show up in your system immediately. 

How does Mews help with chargebacks? 

Chargebacks are a part of business, but they can also be time consuming to manage – time you don’t have. If a chargeback happens, we’ll be there at every stage to help support you. You’ll receive an automatic notification about opened disputes. From there we’ll share guidelines on how to manage the dispute, communicate with the payment provider, and help you submit evidence until it’s resolved.