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Industry, Product  |  16 August 2022

Chargeback reserves: what are they and how to reduce them

At Mews we use the term chargeback reserves. Elsewhere, you may have come across a different name for the same thing – a rolling reserve. What...

3 minute read

Product  |  11 August 2022

What to avoid in zero-to-one product discovery

Getting the task of starting a brand-new product from scratch is probably every true Product Manager’s dream come true, as this brings real...

2 minute read

Product  |  9 August 2022

Beyond user personas: how technical writing builds customer loyalty

Technical writers are often categorized as people with almost no creative writing inclinations or proclivities. They aren’t expected to be technical...

2 minute read

Industry  |  9 August 2022

The main seven requirements all boutique hotels should meet

A boutique hotel differs from a chain hotel or a larger property because it’s designed to offer a personalized service, featuring unique...

4 minute read

Product  |  8 August 2022

Can your guests order and pay in less than a minute?

There’s a lot you can do in 60 seconds. Brush your teeth, gulp down a shot of espresso or make your bed. Or your guests can scan a QR code and order...

1 minute read

Product  |  8 August 2022

10 tips when implementing digital ordering

Staffing challenges. They seem to be an ongoing struggle in the world of hospitality and one that may be around for a while.

2 minute read

Industry  |  8 August 2022

What are the main six standards for hotel chains?

The standards for hotels change according to the type and class of hotel, and will be different depending on what your hotel is trying to achieve, as...

4 minute read

Industry  |  4 August 2022

Mews Marketplace integrations update: August 2022 edition

The busy bees on our Partnerships team have been approving more connections to Mews, and since last month’s update there are seven new integrations...

4 minute read

Industry  |  4 August 2022

What is a lifestyle hotel in the hospitality industry?

A lifestyle hotel combines the personalization of a boutique hotel with the affordability of a chain hotel. Think of it as a fusion between a chain...

4 minute read

Industry  |  3 August 2022

What are the best practices for managing boutique hotels?

The secret of boutique hotel management is about providing customers that added value that they are looking for when they choose to stay at a smaller...

4 minute read

Industry  |  2 August 2022

Do hotels need OTAs in the post-pandemic world?

The pandemic has changed the world in many different ways. People started working from anywhere, which has positively impacted our industry, as they...

7 minute read

Industry  |  2 August 2022

Nine benefits of having a mobile app for a hotel chain

In today’s digital world, apps have become a crucial part of every industry, and hospitality is no exception. A hotel mobile app can help take your...

4 minute read

Industry  |  1 August 2022

How can independent hotels boost their online marketing strategy?

Online marketing for independent hotels differs greatly from marketing for bigger chain hotels because both budget and resources are limited in...

4 minute read

Industry  |  29 July 2022

What is the metaverse, and how does it affect the hotel industry?

The time has come where technology has advanced to the next level, and this advancement has a name: the metaverse. Hotels must be ready to adapt to...

5 minute read

Company, Industry  |  26 July 2022

How Mews Ventures will fuel the future of hospitality

This is a very exciting time for hospitality. Not only are hotels around the world welcoming guests again in greater numbers, but there’s a tangible...

3 minute read

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