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Industry  |  1 July 2022

Strategies to increase revenue from your hotel's meetings

As a hotelier trying to optimize costs and profit, you may wonder: how does a hotel make money from meetings? The fact is it doesn’t happen...

4 minute read

Industry  |  30 June 2022

Six factors to consider for hotel coworking spaces

As the travel paradigm changes, your hotel has to be adaptable and tailor its offer to the changing needs of your ideal target audience. This is why ...

4 minute read

Industry  |  29 June 2022

10 best practices for employee communication in hotels

Improving employee communications in hotels is fundamental to the proper functioning of your property because it ultimately leads to more operational...

4 minute read

Industry  |  28 June 2022

Eight key features for hotel housekeeping software

Want to know more about the key features for housekeeping software? There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing hospitality...

4 minute read

Company  |  23 June 2022

Pride 2022: snapshots from Mews’ Pride Community

It’s Pride month 2022, which, as always, is a time for both celebration and reflection. In many places around the world, the LGBTQIA+ community is...

8 minute read

Industry  |  22 June 2022

Are you ready for the glamping boom?

What do you get when you combine camping with unique, off-the-beaten-path, experiential luxury hospitality?

2 minute read

Industry  |  21 June 2022

How to build and manage your hotel housekeeping team

Building and managing your perfect housekeeping team is no easy task, but when you have clearly defined processes that allow your staff to...

4 minute read

Industry  |  20 June 2022

Five steps to optimize your hotel room cleaning service

Hotel room cleaning is one of the success factors of a hotel. In fact, the higher the level of the hotel, the higher the standards of cleanliness...

4 minute read

Product  |  9 June 2022

Workflow automation: the best uses of Zapier in hotels

There are hundreds of hospitality tools available on Mews Marketplace, and we’re not supposed to play favorites. That being said, I don’t think...

4 minute read

Industry, Product  |  6 June 2022

Mews Marketplace integrations update: June 2022 edition

As May rolls reliably into June, our attention turns once again to Mews Marketplace to see what our Integrations Team have been up to. As well as...

4 minute read

Industry  |  3 June 2022

Why is rate management important in hotels and how can you improve it?

Rate management is important in hotels because it is key to profitability, and pricing is one of the factors that most affects guest’s purchasing...

4 minute read

Product  |  1 June 2022

Mews Summer Product Roadmap

As the world heads into the summer holiday season, travel is once again back in full swing. And while hoteliers around the globe greet their peak...

1 minute read

Industry  |  31 May 2022

What are the main features of front office software for a hotel?

The right front office software can make the difference in your hotel operations, but choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t know which...

4 minute read

Industry  |  30 May 2022

Why you should use online payment requests in your hotel

As technology evolves to make the hospitality industry more efficient, especially when it comes to payments, hotel online payment requests are a...

4 minute read

Industry, Product  |  25 May 2022

Rethinking spaces with Mews: co-working, meetings and events

Wouldn’t it be nice to provide a major boost to your revenue, whilst also diversifying your business offering? And how about achieving this with only...

4 minute read

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