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Industry, Product  |  20 July 2021

How to minimize hotel booking cancelations

Picture the scene: it’s your managers' meeting, and you’re looking at occupancy for the coming month. It’s very encouraging, all things...

Industry  |  14 July 2021

The fight for the leisure guest: how hotels can capture holiday travel

One of the biggest changes since the pandemic struck is the huge increase in remote working. For hoteliers that rely on a steady income from...

Industry  |  7 July 2021

How hotel tech can unify the scattered guest journey

The combination of Covid, new technology, and changing booking options at the travellers’ fingertips is changing the guest journey from linear to...

Industry, Product, Featured  |  7 July 2021

The Green Hotel of the Future: download our free guide

Could your property be doing more in its efforts to be sustainable? In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Going green has never been more...

30 June 2021

June's new Mews integrations

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean our integrations team has downed tools and set up their deck chairs on the beach; they’re still hard at work...

Industry  |  29 June 2021

What went wrong at the Shining's Overlook Hotel?

Mews is on a mission to help even the most challenging of hotels transform their operations and enhance the guest experience. I already took a...

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Industry, Product  |  24 June 2021

How to nail hotel upselling and boost ancillary revenue

Think of the last few orders from your favourite Mexican or Italian take-away. How often did you go for that extra guacamole, the dough balls or...

Company, Industry  |  23 June 2021

Queer hospitality: the LGBTQI+ experience in our industry

Some people don’t understand that Pride is still necessary. That writing posts like this are still necessary. Just as I don't know what it’s like...

Industry  |  16 June 2021

Celebrating Pride Month: Pride charities you can support

Although Pride Month is largely a time of celebration, it also acts as an important reminder to consider those in the LGBTQI+ community who are...

8 June 2021

Automation, housekeeping and you: how to optimize your hotel housekeeping

Barely anything had changed in hospitality housekeeping over the past decades. But thanks to Covid, even departments that hadn’t seen big shifts...

27 May 2021

May’s new Mews integrations

May is usually reliable for some good sun, but if you’ve been anywhere in the Northern hemisphere this last month, you’ll know we couldn’t rely on 

26 May 2021

A different kind of Magic Mike: From hostel reception to teaching coding

This article originally appeared on the Mews Developers blog.

20 May 2021

How to prepare for the great hotel reopening

Enough has been written about the difficulties of the past year. Let’s focus on the present, and thankfully for many countries that means an...

Company  |  18 May 2021

Remote working: a way forward in the new normal

Remote working isn’t new to the technology industry. We’ve been working this way in one guise or another for a couple of decades at least. What’s...

18 May 2021

Mews is heading to NoVacancy 2021: Australia are you ready?

It feels like the first day of school. Or like we’re finally being allowed out again to see our friends after being grounded for over a year. ...

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