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Industry, Product  |  25 May 2022

Rethinking spaces with Mews: co-working, meetings and events

Wouldn’t it be nice to provide a major boost to your revenue, whilst also diversifying your business offering? And how about achieving this with only...

4 minute read

Industry  |  20 May 2022

6 benefits of managing online real time reservations in your hotel

Real-time bookings have never been more important if you want to compete in the modern travel world. These types of bookings are a win-win for both...

4 minute read

Industry  |  19 May 2022

Why convenience shouldn’t be a dirty word

There’s a school of thought that says convenience is lazy. Maybe even bad for society. I don’t subscribe to this point of view, and neither does...

3 minute read

Industry  |  19 May 2022

7 essential features of a hotel reservation management system

There are many things to consider when it comes to the features of a reservation management system. This kind of software is key to simplifying...

4 minute read

Industry  |  18 May 2022

What are hotel guest profiles and how can you create them?

A guest profile is a record of the guests who stayed at your property and usually consists of important information like: name, email, address,...

4 minute read

Industry, Product  |  17 May 2022

Why I implanted an RFID chip in my hand

This article was originally featured on our Mews Dev blog and you can read more of their content here 

Jan, our Community Manager at Mews, has been...

2 minute read

Company  |  12 May 2022

Mental health and wellbeing at Mews

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in many parts of the world. In recent years, there have been great strides in attitudes towards mental...

3 minute read

Industry, Product, Latest, Featured  |  10 May 2022

Maximizing your property's full potential: download your free guide

You know the theory that we only use 10% of our brains? Well, the same can be said for hotels and lodging. 

2 minute read

9 May 2022

Mews Marketplace integrations update: May 2022 edition

Welcome, explorers, to the latest integration update for Mews Marketplace. Last month, our Integrations Team pushed a record 13 integrations live, so...

2 minute read

Company  |  5 May 2022

Why user behavior is the true measure of product success

When hiring product managers, product designers and directors in both areas, the majority of the time I get asked, “How will you measure my success?”...

2 minute read

Industry  |  3 May 2022

How to implement a contactless self-service kiosk in your hotel

Self-service kiosk implementation is one of the most important steps a hotel can take towards improving the customer experience, ensuring seamless...

4 minute read

Industry  |  3 May 2022

The best hotel accounting software and how it can benefit your property

Accounting may not be the most glamorous of functions for your property, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most vital. Hotel accounting software and...

4 minute read

Industry  |  2 May 2022

What does flow-through mean and how does it work in the hotel industry?

Flow-through is the amount of incremental profit that flows through a hotel relative to the previous year. Essentially, it is the percentage of...

4 minute read

Industry  |  29 April 2022

The best strategies to attract group bookings to your hotel

Group bookings for hotels can represent a goldmine, as this type of reservation maximizes profitability by drastically increasing a hotel’s occupancy...

4 minute read

Industry  |  28 April 2022

Guest journey: get ready for zoomers

This article was originally featured on our Mews Dev blog and you can read more of their content here 

3 minute read

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