Hotel housekeeping software  

Boost productivity with modern hotel housekeeping software 

Make communication for your housekeeping staff fast and efficient. With our integrated, mobile housekeeping management solutions, you can work productively, reduce costs and improve the guest experience. 

hotel housekeeping software

Benefits of housekeeping software from Mews

No more time-wasting trips to the front desk to update room status and tasks. No more lost messages about repairs. And no more forgotten mini-bar updates. It’s easy when it’s designed for today’s hospitality needs.  


Take our housekeeping app with you – on iOS or Android, phones or tablets, the choice is yours. 


Update room status, mini-bar changes and more straight from the app. 


Automatically prioritize which rooms to clean first by arrival and departure details. 


Give housekeepers more control over their tasks with at-a-glance information.   

real-time updates
Mobile housekeeping management

Real-time updates

Get rid of pen and paper, manual updates and wasted time while guests are waiting for their rooms. In just a few clicks, housekeeping can update room status in the PMS from their mobile phone or tablet.  


Get real-time status updates for faster room turnover


See workload overview so everyone is on the same page 


Run status reports showing immediate updates 


Manage cleaning and maintenance tasks digitally

In-app updates

Streamline communications 


Task management tools get messages where they need to go 


Share arrival and departure details  


Minibar feature automates the addition of minibar charges to the guest’s bill 


Get lost items back to their owner by linking lost items to the guest reservation via mobile devices

hotel housekeeping management software

"Housekeeping supervisors go through and things just get done without us even seeing there’s a housekeeping team hard at work. It’s like magic!”

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hotel housekeeping app
Flexible housekeeping 

The feel-good way to boost sustainability   

Make it easy for guests to see your commitment to social causes and let them help too. As part of Hotels for Trees, guests can easily add flexible housekeeping during online or kiosk check-in. 


Promote your sustainability efforts 


Plan housekeeping more efficiently 


Attract guests committed to social causes  


Save on cleaning costs and time 

“The simplicity of navigation and ease of use for our housekeeping teams has blown us away.”

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is hotel housekeeping management software? 

Hotel housekeeping software is software that helps hotels efficiently manage the many tasks related to cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and common areas. It may have features to streamline communication including task assignments as well as room status. Mews’ hotel housekeeping software offers an app for mobile, real-time updates, a lost-and-found feature that links items to a reservation and instant mini-bar usage charges.  

Why do I need software for hotel housekeeping?

This type of software helps staff work more efficiently. Depending on the software, it may provide instant room status updates so guests can access their rooms faster as well as improve the process of assigning and completing service requests. It can streamline invoicing for things like mini-bar charges and simplify staff scheduling and support sustainability programs that allow guests to opt-out of room cleaning.

What are the most popular benefits and features?

Mews includes a housekeeping mobile app that allows staff to update room status in the PMS system from wherever they are, without having to input updates from a central location or visit the front desk. The software also provides smart scheduling and streamlined messaging to employees for more efficient service and task management.

How much does housekeeping software from Mews cost?

Our housekeeping software is fully integrated and included for free with Mews hospitality system.

What do I need to use the hotel housekeeping app from Mews?

You can download and use the app on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.