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An effective housekeeping team is vital to provide excellent service. It’s also the key to opening new revenue streams through early check-in, and Mews' hotel housekeeping software gives you all the tools you need. 

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Housekeeping mobile app

The perfect way to track a team that’s always on the move. Communication and task management has never been easier thanks to our hotel housekeeping software. The housekeeping app is free to download for all of your team and drives efficiency by digitizing manual processes.


Real-time status updates

Update reservations or create tasks within the app for immediate internal visibility.


Workload overview

Staff can filter to see rooms assigned to them for a clear overview of workload and responsibilities. 


Task management

Tasks created in Mews Operations can be viewed and managed in the housekeeping app.


Multi-platform support

The app works on iOS and Android platforms, on mobile and tablet devices. 


Reservation information

Guest arrival and departure details help to prioritize which rooms to clean first. 


Real-time reporting

Need an immediate overview of every room? Reporting is always done in real time, giving you the ability to track live room status and check in reservations for available rooms. You’ll also know which rooms need priority cleaning in order to upsell early arrival. 

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10 Ways to Manage Staff Shortages

Get tips on how to run a property with a reduced team, from smart technology that reduces your workload to better staff engagement.


Smart scheduling

Planning your housekeeping shifts in Mews Operations is fast, easy, and completely paperless. You’ll see a workload overview for every housekeeper, and they’ll see all their assigned spaces in the app – all they do is mark it as clean once they’re done, then move on to the next space.


Employee messaging

Good communication makes for an efficient operation. Keep your internal comms in one place and message individuals, create group threads, or contact whole departments using the mobile app or when logged into Mews from your desktop.

Jo&Joe Hotel Room

"Our housekeeping team use tablets with the Mews housekeeping app installed on them. This lets them directly change the status of a room, or instantly notify us if there are any maintenance needs."

Valentin Babilliot
Head of Digital & Distribution, JO&JOE


What is hotel housekeeping management software?

Hotel housekeeping software is software that helps hotels efficiently manage the many tasks related to cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and common areas. It may have features to streamline communication including task assignments as well as room status. Mews’ hotel housekeeping software offers an app for mobile, real-time updates, a lost-and-found feature that links items to a reservation and instant mini-bar usage charges.

Why do I need software for hotel housekeeping?

This type of software helps staff work more efficiently. Depending on the software, it may provide instant room status updates so guests can access their rooms faster as well as improve the process of assigning and completing service requests. It can streamline invoicing for things like mini-bar charges and simplify staff scheduling and support sustainability programs that allow guests to opt-out of room cleaning.

What are the most popular benefits and features?

Mews includes a housekeeping mobile app that allows staff to update room status in the PMS from wherever they are, without having to input updates from a central location or visit the front desk. The software also provides smart scheduling and streamlined messaging to employees for more efficient service and task management.

How much does this software from Mews cost?

Our housekeeping software is fully integrated and included for free with Mews hospitality system.

What do I need to use the hotel housekeeping app from Mews?

You can download and use the app on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

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