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Ready for a better way to run your hotel and improve staff productivity? Our modern, flexible automation empowers you to generate more revenue, reduce operating costs and redefine operational excellence.

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Trusted by General Managers at properties of all types and all sizes. 

Locale Apartments - USA
Leven Manchester - EN
Boundary London - EN
The Neighborhood Hotel - US
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The Laundry Rooms - Canada
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Why switch your PMS to Mews? 


Easy set up and onboarding

Go live in just a few weeks and train staff on your schedule with e-learning from Mews University. 


Time-saving solutions 

From automating repetitive tasks to self-serve guest solutions, give staff more time to spend with guests.​ 


Freedom to innovate 

Modern, future-focused technology let you get creative and maximize your property's potential.


Seamless (and free) integrations ​ 

Connect your custom applications to our open API or find what you need in the Mews Marketplace. 

pms for general managers
Operate more efficiently 

Simplify your day-to-day operations

Smart automation boosts operational efficiency. 


All-in-one solution 

Mews Hospitality Cloud is a complete ecosystem with technology and services that allow you to focus on what matters: the guests. 

Empower your staff 

Modern, intuitive technology, online training and a robust help center make it easy to hire and retain staff – or manage turnover and seasonal swings. 

Your hotel, your rules, your ecosystem 

Rate management, reservation automation and mobile task management let you eliminate repetitive tasks and optimize operations for your needs.   

Know your guests 

With clear guest and business profiles at-a-glance, Mews helps make every guest – especially your loyal customers – feel special. 

Disengage from screens 

As a mobile-optimized solution, staff can get out from behind a desk to deliver hospitality that’s personal. 

Change, experiment, evolve 

The modern-day guest is always changing. Mews flexes to your needs so you can easily pivot, adapt and grow your business in your unique way. 
remarkable guest experiences

Boost revenue 

When guests don’t have to think about payments, purchases go up. That’s the freedom you get with secure, tokenized payments from Mews.  

Reduce chargebacks 

Automation eliminates the risk of human error and the chances of mistaken charges that cost time, money and frustration.  

Enjoy total flexibility 

Before. During. After. You – and your guests – get to decide how, when and where to pay. And total integration makes it easy to manage. 

Insights for success

Read the stories from General Managers of why they love using Mews.


ema house

"Staff are less stressed and they’re happy to see customers. The atmosphere is much smoother now, even after only one month. It's kind of a miracle!" 

Jonathan Anthamatten,
General Manager
EMA House
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mercure hotel

"Thanks to Mews, we’ve evolved from an illogical outdated system into a fully integrated and intuitive PMS.
It allowed us to cut in half administrative and repetitive tasks and focus on what matters the most in the hospitality sector: our guests!" 

Damien Janssens, General Manager Mercure Roeselare
220259779_4146559128753672_6594041724954854553_n 2

"On a busy check-out day, I can walk around at breakfast, greet people, talk to them and then settle their bills on my phone immediately, right before they have breakfast or right after they have breakfast. Guests love it because they don’t have to wait in line." 

Frank Tuhusula, General Manager  Westcord Fashion Hotel 
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the opera hotel zurich

"Now we are walking around with our heads up and our tablets in our hand and we give the clients a [personal] experience instead of a demonstrational experience." 

Michael Böhler, General Manager The Opera Hotel Zurich
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rodamon hostels

"Things have changed since we moved to Mews: it gives us the ability to try many different things, and now the company is more active and it’s evolving." 

Albert Polo Aibar, General Manager Rodamón Hostels 
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Make it remarkable.

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