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Is your hotel technology ready for the modern-day guest and staff? Mews offers IT leaders a singular innovative platform to streamline operations, optimize revenue and enable outstanding experiences for guests and employees. 

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Trusted by IT managers at properties of all types and all sizes.

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Why switch to Mews?

Escape fragmented, hard-to-use and expensive-to-operate hotel technology environments and embrace a new, innovative and profitable way to manage hotel tech, whether that’s for one property or an entire portfolio.



Experience the power of a cloud-native platform. Access data and insights from anywhere, thanks to a unified fast, flexible and continuously updated platform. 


Secure and compliant

From local regulations to safety and compliance, we take extreme measures to protect your business and your guests’ personal information. SOC-2, PCI-DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NF525 



Automation in solutions like Mews Payments can save time, reduce the risk of human error, and get staff more excited about their work. 


Customize with Mews Open API

Want to go big? Want to innovate? Want to stand out? Anything is possible with Mews Open API. Iterate quickly and easily and enjoy the benefits of customization.

Add best-in-class applications with ease

Our robust integration marketplace features around 1,000+ ready-to-go hospitality integrations – all with no connection fee. Mews Marketplace gives you freedom to evolve.

Reduce your risk

With no integration fee, it’s easy for you to try different applications until you find the one you want. And as the industry changes, you can adapt immediately.
centralize portfolio operations
guest-centric solutions
Guest-centric solutions

Remarkable guest experiences? Done.

The guests sit at the heart of your business, so Mews makes it easy to give them the experience they expect.


Digital, self-service solutions

From online check-in and out to direct messaging and kiosks, friction is removed so all that’s left is a great experience.

Integrated payments

Don’t let paying for products and services keep guests from enjoying their time with you. Mews Payments enables one-click payments.

Time-saving user experience

Our intuitive, modern, easy-to-use platform means your staff spend less time looking at a screen and more time connecting with guests.
Fast, easy deployment

Get up and running in weeks – not months

Transitioning to a new PMS can be scary. Mews makes it easy. With online learning, Mews University, a huge help center and a menu of onboarding options, you can deploy your new platform in as little as days or weeks.


Insights for success 

Read the stories from Mews customers.



"Mews helps us to become more efficient operationally while also giving guests a smoother, frictionless stay. This frees up our team members to focus on engaging and servicing our guests." 

Popy Bernardo,
Chief Information Officer
YHA Australia
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"Moving to cloud was something I felt very strongly about. The combination of power and agility made Mews the strongest candidate as we continue our digital transformation." 

Donatus Landgrave of Hesse Prinz von Hessen
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"My biggest piece of advice is to look for a system that can adapt to fast technological change. From the beginning, Mews’ vision gave me the confidence that it’s agile enough to grow and adapt with this change."

Mark Struik, Commercial Director Postillion Hotels
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Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?