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Want to change
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We have a bold vision and an unquenchable passion to make hospitality better. That’s right, we cannot be quenched. But seriously, by improving the way that hotels operate, we improve the way people experience travel – and that’s a big deal. We’re looking for people who share our hard work and ambition. If that's you, why don't you make your next career move remarkable and join Mews?

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Open roles

Don’t see a role for you? We'd love to hear from you anyway. Send your application here and tell us what you’re good at and how you could improve Mews. We’re growing quickly so you’ll be the first to hear about future opportunities.

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Did you know that Mews was voted the Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech in 2021 and 2022? You do now. Most of that is down to our inspiring team, but part of it is because of some pretty amazing perks.

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Unlimited holiday

You're in control of your holiday time. We evaluate teammates on their performance and trust them to find the right balance between work and play.

Remote/flexible working

We have offices in several cities throughout Europe, but if you're a digital nomad or happy working at home, that's fine with us.

Company shares

We want every employee to take ownership of their work at Mews, so all of our teammates are granted shares of the company and are truly responsible for our success.

Flexible cash

You’ll get a ‘Thanks Ben’ debit card (digital and physical) that we top up every month. It’s entirely up to you what you spend it on, from subscriptions to health insurance.

Health and wellness plans

We care about health and wellness, so we offer comprehensive online courses, a monthly day off (Wellness Wednesday), and more.

Parental leave

Time with a new arrival is precious. Primary caregivers get six months of fully paid leave and secondary caregivers get two months, spread out however you choose.


Mews merch

This might not sound like a big deal to you now, but once you’ve been with us for a few months you’ll understand. Hoodies, bottles, beanies... prepare to be branded.


A whole lot more

Pet-friendly offices, work-from-home allowance, company events, free therapy... In short, there’s a whole lot of upside.

About Mews

Our mission is to develop transformational solutions for brands, and remarkable experiences for their guests. But we’re equally determined to provide remarkable experiences for everyone who chooses to work at Mews – our Mewsers.

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Of course, any company can make a claim like this. But we’ve got awards to back it up. In 2021 Mews was voted Best Place to Work in Tech at the Hotel Tech Report Awards. And in 2022, it happened again. We work hard to ensure that our Mews culture remains in place despite our rapid growth. Ultimately that comes from creating an open environment in which people are challenged, nurtured, and rewarded.

We’re headquartered in Prague with additional key offices in London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Barcelona, although flexible working means that our team is located all over the world.

You don’t need to be a hospitality expert to help us make a difference. What makes us unique is our diversity. Although some of us have spent years in the hotel world, others are tech and SaaS connoisseurs. As long as you have ambition, talent and enthusiasm, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Mews milestones


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  • Raised our Series C funding 
  • Employee Resource Groups launch
  • Multi-property launch
  • Hotello acquisition
  •  Nomi acquisition


2 Row (3)-1

  • Bizzon acquisition
  • Cenium acquisition
  • Awarded Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech at the HotelTechAwards for the second year running
  • MewsCon 2022 is the biggest ever, with 500 people in attendance


2 Row (4)

  • Accor Partnership
  • Salesforce Investment
  • Hotel Perfect Acquisition
  • Awarded Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech at the HotelTechAwards and becomes a certified Great Place to Work™


2 Row (5)

  • Base7 Acquisition
  • Winner HTR Best PMS 2020
  • Awarded Best PMS at the
  • Richard and Greg steal hearts and minds by dressing as He-Man and air-hostess-Britney at Mewscon


2 Row (6)

  • Series B
  • USA Office Opens
  • Winner HTR Best PMS 2020
  • Planet Winner Acquisition
  • Copywriter Tom joins the company, the person who wrote all of this


2 Row (7)

  • Series A
  • Mews paints the town rainbow at our first Pride parade in Amsterdam


2 Row (8)

  • The first piece of Mews merch is produced, beginning a company obsession



  • Seed Round
  • London Office Opens
  • The first MewsCon, our all-company meeting


2 Row-1

  • Beyoncé joins Mews (Beyoncé is Matt's dog)


2 Row (11)

  • The Emblem becomes Mews' first hotel 


2 Row (12)

  • Mews founded

Your new teammates


"I am so glad Mews decided take a chance on me when most companies weren't even hiring people. When I initially heard of Mews, I had just finished my first internship in F&B and was itching for something different. Come 2020 and the pandemic, something different wasn't exactly easy to find, but along came Mews, and am I glad they did. Happy Mewser and proud."
Sabah Mehta Solution Architect

"Working at Mews has allowed me to develop as both a professional as well as a person. Each day you are guaranteed to learn something new, be it a skill, a concept, or some random trivia about a variety of topics. Our open culture ensures each individual has a platform to speak their mind and share their opinions. Spending time with colleagues from all walks of life creates a breeding ground for innovation, as we successfully tackle revolutionising an entire industry. I am grateful to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Timur Dikmen Director, Solution Architects

"At Mews, I thrive on innovating solutions for age-old problems in hospitality tech. The human impact of our work is palpable, it's truly rewarding. Collaboration is ingrained, fostering open communication and a culture that encourages challenging ideas without fear of reprisal. In this ambitious environment, where hard work is embraced and enjoyed, we share a clear vision that binds us together, making every team member feel integral to something remarkable."

Milena Kirandjiska VP, Client Engagement & Operations

"Having worked in tech startups / scale-ups pretty much my whole career, Mews has been a breath of fresh air. The company prides itself on giving their employees the confidence that their work matters and that they can truly have a say in processes that are important to them.

I can whole heartedly say that coming to Mews has been one of the best decisions I’ve made not only for my career, but my life as a whole."

Stephen Meterissian Marketing Operations Manager

"I started working in hospitality when I was 15 years old, I studied hospitality management, and I worked in some fabulous hotels. But a lack of innovation in hospitality led me into the tech industry. Now, I find myself lucky working at Mews. It’s combining the best of both worlds, I love that everyone in Mews is passionate about reinventing the art of hospitality. I am proud that Mews is not only a thought-leader in the hospitality space, but also an employer that creates new ways-of-working, and actively works on creating a space where every person feels welcome, included, and a sense of belonging."

Myrthe Bisscheroux Senior People Business Partner


If you’ve made it this far without any questions, we’d be amazed. Here are some of the most common ones we get asked – if yours isn’t here, you can always reach out directly.

What should I wear to my interview?

Come as you are is typically our mantra. We’re an informal tech company, so we won’t look at what you wear, but who you are. Just remember if you’re on a Zoom call and not wearing pants, please don’t stand up.

How long will the interview process take?

This is down to you as well as us, but we aim to complete everything within a month. Of course, this depends on interviewer availability, but if you have specific time worries, feel free to discuss it with your recruiter.

Can I apply for a job in any of the Mews offices?

While we welcome everyone from everywhere and strive for the best talent there is, we take many factors into consideration when hiring, including relocation requirements and their feasibility in individual cases. We’re open-minded, but keep in mind that not every position is practical for every person.

What are the names of all the Mews pets?

We’re glad you asked. At the last count there were almost a hundred, including: Beyonce, Nori, Hugo, Alvin, Boro, Zoey, Kiyra, Pax, Cosma, Chili, Gigi, Basil, Marmite, Žižkov, Skittles, Black, Noma, Loki, Roxie, Kai, Shiva, Cornelius HC, Kocour, Kira, Lord, Tisha, Mili, Myšan, Kendrick, Mouse, Dale, Princess, Ramsay, Jax, Sushi, Chip, Jackie, Sid, Tiger, Woodzie, Robyn, Tyra B, Coco, Loulou, Frank, Frida, Scotch, Bean, Gold, Junkie, Milky, Kobe, Knedla, Berta, Stephen, Neo, Manuel, Smeagol, Fido, Daisy, Anibal, Persia, Kiki, Muis, Ienemien, Luna, Cesí, Whoosha, Whiskey, Chivas, Peanut, Billie, Nadja, and Laszlo.

I applied for a role previously but didn’t get it; can I reapply?

Absolutely. We understand timing is everything, so please let us know if you’re interested again. Just take a few moments to reflect on your previous application and feedback to determine if you’ll be a good match for us the second time around.

How long will my personal data be stored for?

Following GDPR regulations, Mews has permission to store your data for 12 months after your application date. Our internal system will delete your data automatically after these 12 months. Hopefully it goes without saying that we won’t spam you or sell your information to anyone.

Will I really get addicted to Mews merch?

Yes, sorry. Next question.

Where can I learn more about working at Mews?

You can find plenty of information and content on our social channels. LinkedIn and Twitter are good for seeing the events we attend and the content we produce. Instagram is best for getting to know our Mewsers better. Glassdoor is where to go to see what past and present employees say about working at Mews.

Will I have the chance to progress my career?

100%. Your new manager will help you create a career progression plan and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to test and prove your abilities. We have loads of Mewsers who have started in a role and then moved upwards.

When should I resign from my current position?

No doubt you’re super excited about the prospect of joining Mews, but hold your horses. Wait until we send your contract; this is an official guarantee of your employment with Mews.

Do I have to sing at my Mews initiation?

Unfortunately not. But as part of the onboarding process, you’ll get to visit our Prague office for a couple of days. Once you’ve had a few evening drinks with your new colleagues, who knows what might happen.