iLumio Integration Hub

Our goal is to create a digital hotel environment, though delivering solutions that can support the full guest life cycle – from the moment of booking, through stay and ending on the check-out with after stay communication and marketing. Our technology allows hotels to keep in touch with the guests and support them. Increase of guest satisfaction and bringing hotel prestige to the new higher level is our goal. In 2020 we put the focus on one more thing. With our digital solution, we can help guess to minimalize the risk of contracting Covid-19. Contactless stay is now more important than ever before, and digital solutions are the best tools to implement them. CMS - central point of management of all iLumio products. The heart of iLumio system for managing all modules. The system enables the service of all iLumio products available in one or many hotels. It is possible to manage content and marketing activities on hotel screens, public areas, and guests’ devices. Supported features: 1. Assign guest to a room and display this information on the client devices applications 2. Allow hotel staff to send messages directly to the guests 3. Allow order room service to their rooms 4. Allow report problems in rooms via the guest services module 5. Allow performing express check-out when a guest leaves a hotel


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