Nevotek provides Cloud based SaaS Interface solution, designed to unlock the power of your data currently sitting in proprietary systems (e.g. PMS, CRM, ...) of hotels, hospitals and enterprise customers in a secure and cost-efficient way. Nevotek includes our proprietary Appliance as a key component placed in a client location to enable safe, cost-effective, encrypted communication with Nevotek cloud servers, eliminating the need for an expensive VPN connection. With Nevotek Smart appliance, third party solutions can be anywhere while still having dual way communication with on prem systems. Your Supported Features: 1. Monitor all desired guest transactions; check in/out, room move, guest info update. 2. Allow guest to view their billed items on 3rd party systems 3. Let your guest to manage their wakeups call thru 3rd party systems 4. Guest set DND thru 3rd party systems. 5. Guest will be able to request amenities, special needs, or house keeping services thru 3rd party systems.


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