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365id Global ID Verification is a complete ID security service that effectively stops fake and invalid passports, ID cards and driving licenses.


Experience seamless integration between 365id and MEWS.

Stop fake ID documents and speed up each booking by up to 2 minutes.

Speed up each check-in by up to 2 minutes and make sure your guests are who they claim to be. In just a few seconds, the authenticity and expiration date of the ID document will be verified by using the 365id Scanner®️.

With the integration between 365id and MEWS, data from the ID document is smoothly and seamlessly transferred into the MEWS booking system.

The integration with MEWS means you can use a 365id Scanner to identify and verify your customers’ identities, and to speed up the check-in process.

The 365id Scanner®️ is currently used by banks, car rental companies, hotels, government, and car dealers, among other industries. 365id has 1.000 + customers and has delivered more than 7.800 scanners to 65 countries around the world.