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Verified by 365id is a complete ID security service that effectively stops fake and invalid passports, ID cards and driving licenses.



In just a few seconds, the authenticity and expiration date of the ID document will be verified by using the 365id Scanner®. All you need is internet and power. The 365id Scanner® only takes a few minutes to install – then you can start scanning ID documents. With the integration between 365id and MEWS, personal information etc. from the ID documents is smoothly and seamlessly transferred into MEWS booking system. The 365id Scanner® is currently used by banks, telecom operators, car rentals, logistics, hotels, government, car dealers, electronic commerce, machine rental and in the HR process department in of several different industries. Today 365id have over 600 satisfied customers, using 4.000 365id Scanners in more than 40 countries. Companies using the 365id services have discovered that fraudsters avoid entering if they see a 365id Scanner® at the reception – which gives a safer working environment! 365id offers traceability to the ID documents that has been scanned, if desired, a copy of the scanned ID document can also be saved.

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