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Abacus Financial Accounting is proven in practice and has been in use in thousands of companies and fiduciaries of various sizes for around 35 years.


In companies spanning a wide range of industries, **Abacus Financial Accounting** has established itself as a central component of a modern comprehensive ERP solution.

As an integral part of financial accounting, cost accounting offers you industry-specific solutions for internal control of cost centres and cost units.

Abacus Cost Accounting is an important analytical management tool for every company. A company to must maintain a constant overview of its outstanding items.

Abacus Accounts Receivable is an important component of sales management. The creditworthiness of a customer can even be verified during the offer or order entry phase.

Abacus Accounts Payable significantly streamlines your work processes thanks to the digital processing of supplier documents. Efficient management of open supplier invoices is crucial for the optimal use of funds.

The integrated Abacus E-Banking supports you in the smooth, secure and efficient processing of your financial transactions with a broad range of banking institutions.