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Adria Scan specializes in developing and implementing software solutions for data capture and document authentication from various personal and travel documents.

With a global presence and years of experience in the hospitality industry, AdriaScan has reached the status of a reliable service provider, as recognized by thousands of satisfied customers. Our solution does not use a database and it only transfers data from personal and travel documents into the MEWS PMS without keeping any data after document processing is completed. Seamlessly integrated with Mews, our passport/ID scanner enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into a guest profile within a few seconds. Key Features: · Easy to use → one-click solution · Uses high speed ID scanners · Reads ID cards + drivers licenses + passports worldwide · Auto-fills personal data into guest profile · Stores document images in the hotel PMS database [optional] · Does not contain database, only transfers data to PMS · Contains advanced data protection features Key Benefits: · Reduces check-in time · Eliminates photocopying · Improves data accuracy · Increases overall security · Cost saving

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