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Amadeus' Demand360 - The forward-looking business intelligence solution.


The  Mews Demand360 integration will allow hoteliers to provide data to Demand360 and in return see market level and competitive set level data that will aid them in staying ahead of each other, whilst trying to make the most profitable and strategic revenue decisions.

Demand360 is a forward-looking business intelligence solution empowering hoteliers to create the most profitable revenue strategies. With access to detailed insight into forward-looking on-the-books data for both your property and your competitive set, you can create unique strategies to out-perform your competition, attract the right business mix for your property, and quote group business with confidence.

As the only competitive market intelligence solution available in the hospitality industry, Amadeus’ Demand360 can provide unparalleled insight into a hoteliers competitive set.

Demand360 gives you a comprehensive picture of market demand, so you can better optimize revenue management, distribution, and marketing strategies.

Supported Features:

  • Pull all reservations
  • Provide market level data
  • Integrate data with Demand360 Platform
  • Provide access to Demand360 Platform